i don"t desire to check out that Discard/Keep dialog when downloading a pdf paper in browser. I just want that to instantly save to mine default location. I"m making use of chrome top top Ubuntu 13.04.



I have actually a equipment which operated on windows 10. The concern can be fixed by editing "download_file_types.pb" which is situated in my computer system at

%localappdata%GoogleChromeUser DataFileTypePolicies21download_file_types.pb

The file contains various file extensions. Just hexedit the paper and remove the extension you want chrome come ignore. E.g. I want to download *.mat files, therefore I sought "mat" and replaced it through "xxx"

This worked for me. Make backups as it is simply a workaround.


I fear that the only means to disable this is to patch Chrome.

The document that includes the blacklist is /src/chrome/browser/download/download_extensions.cc.

One would simply need to remove the heat containing "pdf", AllowOnUserGesture , and also recompile.

Or change DownloadDangerLevel GetFileDangerLevel(const base::FilePath& path) with:

DownloadDangerLevel GetFileDangerLevel(const base::FilePath& path) return NotDangerous;which appears to have actually some irony come it.

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UPDATE: I wrote a patch and have efficiently tested it.

-213,6 +213,7
}; DownloadDangerLevel GetFileDangerLevel(const base::FilePath& path) {+ return NotDangerous; base::FilePath::StringType extension(path.Extension()); if (extension.empty()) return NotDangerous;If top top Gentoo, you have the right to just ar this in a paper in /etc/portage/patches/www-client/chromium/ and emerge chromium.

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You can disable this feature through the progressed Settings choice in Chrome Settings. (Please check out the screenshot below.) Unfortunately, it"s not really granular due to the fact that disabling it likewise disables various other safe browsing features.
You perhaps can disable safe searching if you should download a variety of files that you understand to it is in safe, and then you can re-enable safe browsing afterwards.

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