“To err is human; to forgive, divine.”         Alexander Pope (1688-1744)        English poet         The famous saying created by heat 525 that Pope’s poem An Essay ~ above Criticism, component II (1711)         In the initial poem, as released in 1711, the heat is offered as “To err is humane; to forgive, divine.” This is not since Pope erred in his spelling or believed that do a mistake was a compassionate thing to do. In ~ the time, humane was the usual spelling offered for the word human.

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         An Essay on Criticism to be Pope’s an initial major work. Back the location calls that an “essay” it’s actually written as a poem, in the rhyming heroic couplet format. “To err is human; come forgive, divine” is just one of three well-known quotes from the poem. The others room “a little learning is a danger thing” and “fools sirloin in where angels are afraid to tread.”        Pope didn’t produce the expression “to err is human.” That’s the timeless English translate in of the ancient Latin proverb “Errare humanum est.” However, by including “to forgive, divine” he did develop the much longer saying the is still generally used and adjusted for both serious and humorous purposes.        The usual meaning ascribed to Pope’s variation is that every human deserve to make a mistake, so we should forgive those the do, simply as God is stated to display his divine mercy in forgiving sinners. The heat comes at the finish of a stanza in the city that discusses (in an amazingly obtuse and also flowery way) how writers periodically overly prayer or harshly criticize other writers.         



“To err is human. To forgive is divine, but to repeat is stupid.”        Jaime Cardinal Sin (1928-2005)        Catholic Archbishop the Manila        once Sin made this comment in 2002 he to be referring to details politicians in the Philippines. Yet it reminds me the a details American politician sometimes well-known as “Carlos Danger.”



“To err is human, however to get even? THAT is divine.”         Alan Shore (played by gibbs James Spader)         Shore, among the lawyer characters in the TV series The Practice, makes this quip in the illustration “Equal Justice” (first aired December 7, 2003)



“When it pertains to the limit of ecological threat, to err may be human, but to repeat the error is criminal, and also to make a profit the end of it is obscene.”        Fred H. Knelman         brother Physicist, author and founder of researchers For society Responsibility         In his book Every Life Is A Story: The Social relations of Science, Ecology and Peace (1998)



“To err is human; to really foul points up requires a computer.”         This contemporary witticism is commonly attributed come American biologist and author Paul R. Ehrlich, despite it doesn’t show up in his books and also I can find no record of him using it in a speech or interview.         A post on the authoritative Quote Investigator site notes the the earliest documented use the the saying was by Virginia newspaper columnist Bill Vaughan in 1969.



“To err is human. To blame it on someone rather shows monitoring potential.”        authorize sold by specialty retail website warkswings.com


“To err is human yet to really screw increase it take away the Berkeley City Council.”        Gordon Wozniak        Berkeley, California City board of directors member        talk about the controversy over a resolution calling because that the Berkeley City Council come send a letter come the U.S. Marines saying that marine recruiters were “unwelcome intruders” in the city. Quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, February 14, 2008.


“To err may be human, however to admit it isn’t.”        Herbert V. Prochnow (1897-1998)        U.S. Bank executive, toastmaster and also author        In his publication 1001 ways to enhance Your Conversation & Speeches (1952)


“To err is human; to forgive, canine.”         This saying, which dog lovers understand is poignantly true, dates back to at the very least the mid-1800s.

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