Every device has a one (1) year warranty native the manufacturer. This vouch is for the original customer purchaser or any type of persons receiving the device as a gift indigenous the original customer purchaser. The guarantee is for the consumers who have filled out and mailed in your warranty forms.

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Please fill out the warranty it is registered card that came with your machine. Please incorporate a copy of your receipt from the store and your state to know or driver’s license for proof of age. Please mail the warranty card through the receipt from store and also id to:

Republic TobaccoAttn: company CenterPO box 98Glenview, IL 60025






Please forward your makers to:

Republic TobaccoAttn: company Center2301 Ravine WayGlenview, IL 60025

No ours only ar to send in because that anything is:

Republic TobaccoAttn: organization Center2301 Ravine WayGlenview, IL 60025

Any product reverted under the one time warranty should be sent by the client via prepaid mail or courier come the organization Center situated at 2301 Ravine Way, Glenview, IL 60025, USA. Please include with the went back product twelve dollars and also fifty cent (US $12.50) for return shipping and also handling. The firm assumes no obligation whatsoever for any type of loss or damages during shipping and also the customer is specifically responsible for any kind of such ns or damage. Note: Please do not return the product to the store where you bought the for service as they space not authorized to business the product.

No, regrettably we room not a retail keep where we keep anything accessible for fast pick up. We room a distributor and also you would need to ship in any kind of orders or machines and we will ship the ago to you.

The warranty consist of manufacturer defects because that the maker and the components on the machine. It does no cover shipping and also handling.

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No, the warranty because that the device is for one year native the date of purchase. If the maker was purchased over a year back you can order components for the maker at any kind of time.