We get it! acquiring your daughter’s first training bra is a large step—an exciting, emotional milestone in your girl’s growth and also development. Possibly you knew it was time. Probably your tween took the initiative to ask for part shopping help. No matter exactly how it happened, opportunities are that one of you no feel rather ready.

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Well, the mother-and-daughter duo behind Her-Rah! Bra is here to help.

McKenna Hopla started Her-Rah! after ~ a disappointing first bra shopping experience, and also her mother, Carole, has been by her side every action of the way. These girl bosses want all tweens and also teens to have actually the best possible very first bra (and have fun finding it)—and that means getting the best possible fit. By adhering to the training bra fitting guidelines below, you have the right to make certain your girl feel comfortable, confident, and fully supported.

Before you start shopping for her daughter’s an initial bra, you require to uncover your daughter’s bra size.

Trying top top bras in a store’s changing room deserve to feel … weird. McKenna quiet remembers exactly how embarrassed she felt when she had to present the an altering room attendant the training bras she wanted to shot on. (It to be a boy!) To minimization cringe factor and narrow her focus, know your girl’s bra dimension before you walk to the store. This calls for taking some very specific measurements in some potentially sensitive places.


Before you an outbreak the measure tape, make certain your daughter understands that everyone grow differently and has their own unique shape. No bra dimension is preferable come another! It’s totally common because that breasts to flourish at various rates, even from every other! Whatever the measuring ice tells she is completely normal. Band and cup size don’t measure maturity or fitness level or beauty or weight. They just say what dimension bra will feel far better on she body.

Measure she rib cage to discover her finest band size. Wrap a measuring tape approximately her rib cage best where a bra would go. Save it also all the method around. Traction it snug however not tight. How many inches? If you are in between inches, ring UP. Take the number and add 4. If your daughter has actually a 28-inch ribcage, she will probably feel finest in a 32 band. If she has a 30-inch ribcage, see just how a 34 tape feels. Measure she breasts to find her cup size. Same transaction as the rib cage—only this time, relocate the measuring ice cream up approximately the fullest part of her breasts. As soon as again, if she is in between inches, ring UP. currently it’s time for some math. Subtract her daughter’s rib cage measurement native her chest measurement. The difference in between these two numbers will certainly tell you she target cup size:0” = AA1” = A2” = B3” = C4” = D5” = DD

If her daughter had a 30” rib cage and also measures 31” across her breasts, she is one A-cup.

Even if her daughter procedures as an AA, she might still require a maintain bra to assistance her during early chest growth. It yes, really helps that tingly, stretchy-skin emotion to have extra protection and support.

Put them together to discover your daughter’s conventional bra size. Is she a 28AA or a 32B? Knowing before you walk shopping allows you focus an ext on colors, fabrics, and styles she finds appealing. countless bralettes and also training bras do not use standard cup and band sizes. They use XS, S, M, L, and also XL. Several of these bras will have actually a chart on the packaging to offer you a much better idea of just how they compare. Because that others, you may need to guess—and take a few to try on!

Take a minute to have actually a talk around how body come in every shapes and also sizes, and also how we just see a very few of those shapes and also sizes in renowned media. If you are going to a lingerie store, her daughter might look nothing like the models shown on displays and advertisements—and that’s okay! We must all emphasis on spring in the mirror and loving what us see.

When girlfriend shop for her daughter’s very first training bra, understand a great fit as soon as you check out it.

Ask your daughter to think about how quickly a details training bra to be to put on or take off. Get her to move and also stretch a little with the maintain bra on. And also it can be useful to lug a close-fitting optimal or tee to placed on end bras she is considering therefore she can acquire a sense of exactly how much coverage and also support a details bra provides.

Let your daughter know that various brands, bra styles, and also fabric selections make a substantial difference in just how bras fit. For instance, go you recognize that many black bras run smaller than their stated size? Sizes space kinda … relative. It’s simply a funny thing around the garments industry the all women find out to find their method around.

If your daughter is apprehensive around shopping because that her an initial bra in a physical store, why not order her very first bra online? She can try bras ~ above in her own room, ask for your opinion or speak to she friends, and make a decision that feels good to her.

After friend buy your daughter’s very first bra, check in v her regularly about how the fits.

Girls grow fast at this age. She body form can adjust almost overnight! yet don’t shot to purchase a bigger bra therefore she can “grow into it.” (This deserve to plant the idea the bigger breasts space better.) meet her wherein she is and celebrate the form she has. And also support her completely, with all the excitement and growth ahead!

Your daughter’s bra shopping days are simply beginning.

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Remember—a training bra is a celebration, not a cover-up operation! now that you know just how your daughter’s first bra should fit, start shopping at her Rah! Bra to discover her a bra she will love.