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Lil Jon has actually never to be a great role model, provided that the is a fierce support of gaining "crunk" (crazy drunk) and "turning up" (getting intoxicated).

"Body shots" show off sucking booze off someone else"s ceiling skin, typically off a navel, neck, or also cleavage. Back "body shots" aren"t necessarily referenced in a sexual method here, they deserve to still come off together pretty suggestive to teens who recognize what they room -- and kids unfamiliar with the term might ask because that details. 

DJ Snake"s brand Mad decent released a piece of artwork to accompany the track, i beg your pardon is a cartoon drawing of a man in a T-shirt holding balloons and also with both middle fingers increased -- universally understood to mean "f--k you." 

The just decipherable lyrics in the track are repetitions the the phrases "Turn down for what" and "body shots," both the which refer come inebriation. The opposite of "turn down" is "turn up," which way to get drunk, high, or both.

Parents need to know that "Turn under for What (feat. Lil Jon)" is a greatly instrumental electronic track through party-rap savant Lil Jon chiming in with his normal debauchery, in this instance rhetorically asking, "Turn under for what?" the contrary of turning down is, that course, in today"s vernacular, to "turn up," which means to get drunk, high, or both. DJ Snake"s label Mad kind released a piece of artwork to companion the track, i m sorry is a cartoon illustration of a man in a T-shirt holding balloons, through both center fingers raised. 

I don't feeling this is suitable viewing because that anyone, but especially no for impressionable children or kids under 17. It's really horribly suggestive... Proceed reading
The tune itself is quite good, many electronic, great dance music back the music video is no one 2 watch. Indigenous what I've checked out there is a many of... Continue reading
It's just someone repeating self for 3 minutes. The beat is catchy. Perform NOT clock the video. It has suggestive dancing and also in one step blood.

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