Womanizer Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) starts dating a woman called Isabella (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) who appears to it is in a satanist witch, despite she never ever says that directly. As soon as Charlie’s brothers Alan (Jon Cryer) mocks her, he starts to discover himself cursed. The tries to acquire Charlie to rest up v her, but the sex is supposedly amazing, for this reason Charlie refuses. At a party, Isabella has her entire coven sleep with Charlie, who begins to look increasingly gaunt and also drained the more he dates Isabella. He also begins to suspect that Isabella is making use of him come sire the Antichrist. Also Berta (The so late Conchata Ferrell), the Harper’s wild housekeeper, is afraid of her. When Isabella tries to acquire Alan’s boy Jake (Angus T. Jones) to contact Satan, the two brothers finally shot to face her. However, she cases that Charlie has gotten in into a pact and also that that will price him his genitals if he reneges. Charlie is around to offer in once his mother, Evelyn (Holland Taylor), dressed together the wicked Witch the the West, arrives to pressure Alan, Charlie, and Jake to sign up with her because that a costume party. Evelyn apparently knows Isabella, who is absolutely terrified that her and also flees. Evelyn then leaves for the party with the three guys dressed together her flying monkeys.

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When you scare Lex Luthor, you room truly a force to behold.


Some the you might think this to be an odd choice for a Halloween review, but I have actually two things to say to that: First, this episode is absolutely hilarious, specifically the quippy dialogue and Charlie Sheen’s reaction shots. Second, my dad loves this show and also told me I had to perform this episode or ns was the end of the will. Ns 99% sure he to be kidding, yet why take it the chance? 

If ns don’t obtain the money, I could look choose them.

I’ve often said that the truth that an illustration was building up come one large punchline have to never be taken into consideration a negative. Among the most-read reviews on mine blog, “The $99,000 Answer,” is completely dependent on structure up a single, absolutely insane minute of hilarity. Unlike the episode, which constantly focused ~ above the personalities who to be going to it is in the target of the joke, this one actually plays up the joke in the lift while we watch a completely different storyline. In ~ one point, we view Evelyn call Charlie because that a favor, which the rejects. We also see Alan finishing a phone call where he speak his mommy that the still isn’t on board v her “Wizard the Oz” theme, but not much much more is made out of it. This means that Evelyn’s appearance together the Deus Ex Machina that saves the guys at the end of the illustration isn’t coming the end of nowhere, but also was left just ambiguous enough to it is in absolutely hilarious once it happens. The fact that Evelyn is the only person that is scary sufficient to not simply threaten yet absolutely terrify a supposedly actual witch is simply delicious.

They might actually be flying later.

The remainder of the illustration mostly just works due to the fact that it’s Charlie and Alan, an mean odd-couple pair, dealing with what can be, however is never shown to be, the supernatural. It’s prefer Abbott and Costello conference Frankenstein, it’s simply going to it is in funny to check out the juxtaposition. Add in a bunch the dirty jokes and some fun dialogue around curses and various subcultures and also the episode actually walk by pretty quickly since you’re laughing the whole time. The title is a referral to Jake’s effort to talk to Satan which easily bores him as soon as he finds the end he doesn’t obtain wishes. 

Charlie likewise scores with a coven.

Overall, this is a hard Halloween illustration that yes, really stands out in the show’s history. Even if friend didn’t favor Two and also a fifty percent Men, this one to be pretty great.

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