This details 四字熟語 is precisely the very same as the proverb in English, "kill 2 birds with one stone." I discover it to it is in a weird coincidence the both would have this phrase individually of every other, unless killing birds by throwing stones was just a really huge thing earlier then. Walk the copy the English? go the English copy the walk they both copy part Chinese proverb or something, or did the come from elsewhere entirely? Etymologically speaking whereby did 一石二鳥 come from?


And I"ll go ahead and give solution to this together well:

According to this, it was translated directly from English into a 四字熟語. This is exciting to me since 一挙両得 already exists and method basically the same thing.

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According come this site, the was presented as a phrase in Meiji Japan and then later made into 4 characters. Ns don"t recognize the beginning of the phrase in English, but that"s out of the purview of this site!

Just renders me wonder what other proverbs to be taken from English and made into 四字熟語.

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Although 故事ことわざ辞典 claims 一石二鳥 is a direct translation the ”kill two birds v one stone” into the kind of 四字熟語 (Chinese / idioms written of four characters), i’m not sure of it, because the Chinese have specifically the same phrase

一石二鳥 (yī shí èr niǎo).

We might have imported 一石二鳥 from Chinese, or the Chinese imported the proverb we analyzed from English proverb, ns don’t know.

As one antonym come 一石二鳥, us have

二兎を追うものは一兎も得ず He that chases 2 hares records neither.

Again, i can’t tell even if it is this is the translate into of the English proverb or not.

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