once Stan and also Cartman destroy the world"s biggest beaver dam through a steal motorboat, the town of Beaverton is fully flooded. Rather of rescuing people, one is only searching for the culprit, accusing George Bush, terrorists and the FEMA. After investigating scientists, castle think they ultimately have the culprit: "global warming". Follow to the research, the city will certainly be influenced two days before the day after tomorrow: the same day.

listed below you will find 13 short, funny fragments of this episode that were released by southern Park Studios.

Community Center

The townspeople take refuge in the Community facility as Fox News reports that six hundred exchange rate peo...

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Beaverton Oil

Stan, Cartman and Kyle try to rescue the stranded Beaverton victims, but end up crashing their boat ...

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You'll frozen To Death

Stan calls his dad at the shelter and tells that he's trapped in Beaverton; Stephen and also Gerald decide...

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The Cause

Cartman advises Stan not to phone call Kyle what happened, while the news reports the the flooding in Beave...

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Stan Confides In Kyle

Stan tells Kyle the truth about the Beaverton dam and comes up through a setup to assist the victim of th...

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Uncle Roy's Boat

Stan crashes what the believes to it is in Cartman's Uncle Roy's motorboat, in come a beaver dam.

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Learning The Truth

Stephen, Gerald and Randy believe they have hypothermia, while the Pentagon learns that the overwhelming in...

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Randy's Theory

As Randy testifies in ~ the State Capitol, researchers prove that an international warming is going come strike two...

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I broke the Dam!

Stan confesses to break the dam, yet the townspeople all desire to re-publishing the blame.

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Who come Blame

A rest in the dam floods surrounding Beaverton, trapping the town and forcing world onto your rooftops...

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We Didn't Listen!

South Park is in a scare as an international warming attacks.

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Randy's Map Drawing

Randy paint, etc a dick on the map once explaining the devastation worldwide warming has caused.

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Jew Gold

As they're being rescued native the fire and flood in Beaverton, Cartman pulls a pistol on Kyle, forcing ...