Nothing is more ominous 보다 a silver-grey fin breaking the surface of the tenderness ocean. It might be a familiar dolphin comes closer because that a visit… or it could be a shark honing in ~ above the kill. The movie “Jaws” has actually helped perpetuate the idea the sharks together killers, and also of course, shark assaults on surfers space legitimate concerns. But is this due to the fact that the steely-jawed, sharp-toothed fish is a natural-born killer, or is there an additional reason behind shark strikes on surfers? And, room you in peril surfing the waters of Rincon, Puerto Rico?

First the all, it have to be listed that Puerto Rico is relatively low ~ above the perform of shark strikes that have been recorded due to the fact that 1580. In a Surfer now article, the joined States, namely Florida and California, optimal the list for shark strikes recorded. Australia come in second, through the most fatalities arising there. Puerto Rico is thirty-ninth ~ above the perform worldwide, and has seen only 11 attacks and also two recorded fatalities, the last arising in 1924. So, go this median the waters of Puerto Rico are shark-free, or carry out you have to be concerned on your surfing vacation?

Stay in groups.

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Sharks are more likely to strike isolated “prey,” for this reason make certain not come wander turn off alone.Stay closer to shore. as above, this can cause isolation, and can location you too far away native assistance.Don’t go the end at night. Sharks room much much more active in ~ night, and have a heightened senses. You together a human are at a distinct disadvantage in the darkness.Avoid murky waters. This need to go there is no saying, yet it’s lot harder for you to view what’s in the water – but sharks can quickly see you.Don’t go in the water. At least, don’t go in as soon as there’s a shark warning. That means sharks have actually been spotted, or there has possibly been an attack. Better safe than sorry.

When girlfriend surf in ~ Maria’s coast in Rincón, Puerto Rico, you aren’t all that likely to encounter a shark, at least a deadly an excellent White. Many of the sharks that spend their time in the waters turn off the shore of Rincón room nurse sharks, which are smaller, docile and generally hide in the reefs and also feed on small fish and also crustaceans. It’s always a an excellent idea, too, to work-related with one of the countless skilled surfing instructors located in Rincón. They have a complete understanding that the waters and also can help you enjoy safe, fun surfing!






Wedding and Reception at Maria’s

My husband and also I had actually our wedding and reception at Maria’s. We rented the residential or commercial property for 3 days/nights. We wanted to do our destination wedding as accessible as feasible for our family and also friends. Maria’s was the perfect place. Twelve of our closest friends and family common the house. I was so impressed the Maria’s had every little thing we needed, even tiny things prefer laundry detergent.We had actually our wedding top top the beach and also our agree on the property. It was perfect.

Wonderful family Vacation!

Maris’s deluxe Ocean front vacation rental is precisely that! The home is amazing and also beautiful. The location is perfect best on the doorstep to the beach and also the swimming pool is awesome along with the two hot tubs! You have the right to walk come Calypso bar and have a cocktail or grab part delicious fish tacos from Jack’s Shack. We loved sit on the balcony watching the sun collection or enjoy it the surfers. Elizabeth and the employee at Maria’s where an extremely accommodating and responsive. The home has whatever you will need to have the holidays of a lifetime. All 19 the us enjoyed our time in paradise and also we didn’t want the week to end but can’t wait until we return! say thanks to you to Maria’s for a wonderful family members vacation!

The facility and grounds are perfect ~ above a beautiful beach setting

We had a wonderful continue to be at Maria’s. The facility and also grounds are perfect top top a beautiful beach setting. All the amenities were together described. Christine to be wonderful. We highly recommend the place.

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Excellent facility and also location because that a wedding!

We recently traveled come this website for the wedding of ours daughter. We shared the facility v our family and the groom’s family. The rental has actually two separate gateways with a common pool and also beach area. The is spacious, fine insulated, and beautiful. I highly recommend the location, facility and also the weather in this beautiful surfing town.

A holidays property second to none!!

Maria’s is an ultimate vacation residential property that is ideally located and also tastefully appointed. Beautiful coast frontage v gorgeous sunsets, a pristine pool v dazzling night lighting, and comfortable life spaces throughout specify this amazing house. Every amenity come ensure comfort and relaxation is included. We had a as soon as in a lifetime vacation come Rincón due generally to the luxuries that Maria’s and look front to a return visit. Maria’s impresses in every regard and is absolutely not to be missed!!

Beautiful Oceanfront Property!!!!

My boyfriend and I went to Rincon and also visited numerous properties before picking this one. Us planned a vacation v friends and also this ar was perfect! Its right on one of the significant beaches in Rincon come surf. Once we go in December it was packed but going in may was very empty however peaceful. Having calypso the bar/restaurant calypso appropriate behind the residence is very convenient because people were able come walk and also get food/snacks and also drinks. The home is new, clean and everyone love the property. We had actually a personal chef come out and a yoga instructor. Can’t speak enough great things about this house!

Wonderful Amenities through Breathtaking ocean Views

We together a family spent a week in ~ Maria’s. As beautiful as the pictures are, after seeing it in person it to be even an ext spectacular! Every room was spacious, v high ceilings, wonderful amenities with breathtaking s views. Being right on the s was impressive for a morning cup of coffee or a walk on the beach. However, if you’re not an ocean human being the salt water swimming pool is great to float approximately in together well. Outside of Maria’s room two good bars where you have the right to clench your thirst overlooking the Atlantic! just a beautiful acquire away~ spend it with family, friend or both!!!!


I to be hoping to discover a special location for a household gathering last year and also started my find on Tripadvisor. As quickly as I witnessed the listing because that Casa Maria, ns looked no further. The home exceeded mine expectations and was even more beautiful in person then in the pictures shown. The residence was in a perfect location, was beautifully decorated, and also included whatever we essential to accommodate 16 people. Ns loved that there and felt as though I had stopped the civilization to get off for a 7 days in heaven! I setup to go earlier with my family next year and can’t imagine continuing to be anywhere yet at Casa Maria!

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