If you desire to begin your route to automotive self-reliance, climate you'll need a general idea of what's under the hood of your car.

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Don't mean to remember everything in this article right off the bat. Learning simple car maintenance takes practice, as with riding a bike for the first time or finding out a brand-new language. Intuition for parts and fixing random points will build over time together you work more on her car. One day when you're make the efforts to remove the pan shroud yet "that stupid thingy is in the way", you'll remember the "thingy" in the means is the alternator!

Tips for Learning around Your vehicle Parts

Not every engine is the same. Two common engine types are V6 and V8. They are defined below.The oil dipstick, infection dipstick, and radiator place are all an essential to frequent auto maintenance because that a car owner.It's a an excellent idea to have actually a shop manual for your details vehicle. There room specifications and instructions for each make, model, and year that a automobile or van that regularly prove to it is in invaluable. Clymer and Haynes room two top-selling hands-on publishers.


Preparing come Investigate: Pull your Hair earlier and dig In

Safety First

People with long locks: You might want to pull her hair back, specifically if you're walk to check your transmission fluid. The car must be to run to get specific reading that the infection fluid, and also I guarantee that you don't want the engine to obtain a hold of your hair. If your hair gets recorded in a belt or fan, the engine will win the tug-of-war! pull it into a ponytail or far better yet, a bun for now. You don't need to remove her acrylic pond to check out the engine through me today.

What Is a V8 Engine?

Let's start off identify the early on model V8. V8 suggests that the engine has actually eight cylinders through two rows of four pistons. Pistons space the things move up and down through kinetic energy and are surrounding to each various other on the crankshaft. Electric energy istransfer through the spark plugs and causes the combustion of air and fuel inside the cylinders which residence the pistons. The cylinders and also the pistons are collection in a "V" pattern, for this reason V8. The engine displacement is 454 cubic inches. Large engines of this dimension are provided for gyeongju or hauling hefty items.

Memorization Tip

Practice memorizing the labeled components by creating out your answer because that each number before scrolling down to check your answer!


Component key for a 1989 454 V8 1-Ton Engine

Radiator Reservoir: Radiator reservoir is offered for coolant overflow.Power Steering Check-and-Fill: use the exact same hole to check and fill the strength steering fluid.Brake fluid Reservoir: check the fluid level and also top off brake fluid here.Transmission Dipstick: Fill and check transmission liquid through this hole. The engine must be to run to check the transmission liquid properly; see safety and security Precautions section below.Air Filter: The air filter is located on height of the carburetor to it is provided the carb with clean air.Fuse Box: This is one of two fuse boxes; an additional fuse crate is located inside the car.Radiator Cap: never ever open the radiator cap when it's hot. To express the hose to feeling for pressure and also heat prior to opening.Engine Oil fill Cap: remove the engine oil to fill cap to include oil after checking the oil level via the dipstick. The engine oil dipstick is established at number 9.Dipstick: The dipstick is used to inspect engine oil. As soon as the engine is warm and also shut off, traction the dipstick out of the hole and wipe it off. Stick back into the hole carefully, and slowly remove it. Observe whereby the engine oil falls on the measuring stick. If the oil falls listed below both notches top top the meter, the engine needs more oil.Air conditioning Components: Don't mess through the air conditioning components. The air conditioning compressor has lots the freon under pressure.Battery: The battery is an essential to accessibility when jumping your auto or one more person's vehicle.Information Labels: this labels administer information about your details vehicle.Hood Latch: The hood latch is supplied to accessibility under the hood. Typically, a button or bar inside the automobile on the driver's side pops the hood come allow access to the hood latch.Serpentine Belt: The serpentine belt wraps about all the pulleys in the engine.Alternator: The alternator generates electrical power to keep the engine running and also recharges the battery.Fan Shroud: The pan shroud assists through cooling the vehicle.

"Sideways" or Transverse Engines Explained

What Is a "Sideways" Engine?

Let's look at a 1996 high-performance engine. The complying with engine is a 2.5L V6 24-valve Chrysler engine that is positioned sideways. What does each of these things mean?

2.5L: The variety of liters suggests the dimension of the engine.V6: "V" indicates the engine shape and "6" points to the total variety of cylinders.24 valve: "24 valve" way there room two intake and also two exhaust valves in every of the six cylinders.

This engine is said to be "sideways". Instead of facing front to ago when you open up the hood, the engine is encountering right come left. The accessory belts are located on the left side facing the passenger-side wheel. Number 3 details the parts of a "sideways" engine.

Valve Calculation

(2 input valves + 2 exhaust valves) x 6 cylinders = 24 total valves

Where's the Battery?

A couple of auto makes place the battery in complicated spots. On part Chrysler models, such as the 2004 Chrysler Sebring, the battery is situated in one of the oddest places I've ever seen: in prior of the driver-side wheel. In bespeak to access the battery on this details make the vehicle, friend must:

Turn the steering wheel come the left, till you view inside the wheel well on the former driver's side. Remove the removable dashboard on the battery box.Once the dashboard is removed, friend will watch the battery.

The other auto is the Corvette. The battery, generally on larger models, is located behind the driver's seat in a crate under the carpet.

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Tip because that Jump-Starting your Chrysler

In a Chrysler with a wheel-well battery, over there is a remote optimistic ("+") terminal under the hood situated in the fuse crate (number 6 in figure 3 below). It has actually a red, plastic cover on it. In order to jump your car, pull off the red cover and attach the optimistic (red, or "+") jumper cable come this terminal.