Battle conventional of the marine Corps

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About the fight Standard that the U.S. Maritime Corps

The first organizationalcolor well-known to have been supplied by the naval Corps to be white v an elaboratepainted design depicting one eagle flying v an anchor in that talons,surrounded by an ornate yellow framework and also bearing the motto, "To the shoresof Tripoli." Marines in the Mexican and Civil Wars carried battleflags comparable to the nationwide ensign, yet with the blue union containingan eagle perched atop the national shield in ~ a ring of stars, and also withadditional stars in one arc over the ring, the total equalling the numberof states in the Union. In 1881, the Corps adopted a color of blue silk, 72 by 78 inches, withthe eagle, globe, and also anchor embroidered in gold and also silver thread, surroundedby a wreath of green oak leaves.

The current design, scarlet withthe corps badge in gray and also yellow, was embraced in 1939, althoughMarine Corps stimulate 4 had established scarlet and also gold and also the officialcolors of the Corps as beforehand as 1925. The battle color actions 52by 66 inches and also is trimmed on three sides v 2 1/2 inch gold yellowfringe. The official fight standard the the Corps is preserved by MarineBarracks, Washington, DC, and carried ~ above parade through the shade sergeant ofthe naval Corps. In addition to the battlestreamers affixed come the peak of the 9 ft 6 in staff, the employee itself is coveredwith sterling silver- bands engraved with the names of action in whichthe Corps has actually been engaged. The employee is topped v a chrome-platedspearheadfinial.

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The use of flags in the marine Corps is governed by navy Regulationsand MCO 10520.3, the united States naval Corps Flag Manual.Return to top of page

Organizational battle Standard

The organizationalbattle standard is lugged byunits of the operation forces and other designated formations. It procedures 52 by 66 inches, ismade the rayon banner towel with the maritime Corps argorial embroidered ~ above thecenter, and carries the unit designation ~ above a white scroll. The flag is trimmed on three sides with golden-yellowfringe. The staff is topped through a chrome-plated spearheadand has fastened to it the battlestreamers come which the unit is entitled. In garrison, the nationaland business standards are maintained by the commanding officerwhen they room not in use, normally uncased and also displayed in his or heroffice. Color or standards space never allowed to touch the "deck,"i.e., the floor or ground.

Organizational criter of various other Units

Other naval Corps units space entitled to an business standard withoutthe unit designation. Instead, they lug a flag similar to the fight standard the the Corps, with "United States maritime Corps" on the scroll, yet with a scarlet and also gold cord and also tassels attachedto the staff rather of battle streamers.


The guidon isthe identify flag of a agency or comparable size unit, such as an artillerybattery or aviation squadron. Naval Corps guidons space rectangularscarlet flags made of structure bunting or comparable material, measure up 22 through 28 inches through the Corps argorial in silhouettein the facility in yellow and also the unit designation in block letter in thelower corners. The letter "USMC" appear in an arc over the badge. The guidon is an installed on one eight-foot employee topped through a chrome-plated spearhead.The an easy design was embraced by a setof specifications issued on January 25, 1939; up to 2003, units of the Fleet maritime Forceused the letter "FMF" above the badge instead of "USMC." Guidons are carriedon all occasions the ceremony as soon as a firm or indistinguishable unit is representedby 2 or more platoons. In garrison, they might be shown outsidethe agency headquarters in between the hrs of morning and also evening colorsexcept in inclement weather or when the agency is utilizing the guidon information.

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Dress Guidon

In enhancement to the unit guidon brought on parade, each company or tantamount unit is issued a "dress guidon" measure 18 by 19 inches and trimmed through golden-yellow fringe. This scarlet flag through the initials USMC in yellow block letters is used during ceremonies to note the line of troops, transforming points, the saluting base while pass in review, and also the like.

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General Officers" separating Flags

Marine Corps basic officersdisplay an individual distinguishing flags measure up 36 through 52 inches.These flags, which space made that rayon banner cloth and trimmed through goldenyellow fringe, are offered for indoor display and carried top top staffs ~ above ceremonial occasions.There are likewise equivalent flags without fringe flown on halyards come indicatethe location of a general"s headquarters (58 by 72 1/2 inches) and also to be"broken" at the height of a pole throughout parades and when calculation honors(45 by 63 1/2 inches). In addition, there space 12 by 15 customs versionsfor display screen on automobiles. Use of this flags is administrate by NavyRegulations and also the maritime Corps Flag manual (MCO 10520.3).

Commandant of the naval Corps

The Commandantof the naval Corps has actually the only an individual flag among the chiefs the thefive equipped forces the is not separated diagonally right into two colors.The an easy design that this flag dates earlier into at the very least the 1920s, whenthe Commandant, climate the only significant general in the Corps, flew a scarletflag through the eagle, globe, and also anchor badge in yellow over two whitestars. As the grade of the Commandant was raised in world WarII, stars were included to this basic design till that provided today to be attained.


Lieutenant General

Major General

Brigadier General