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5 reasons Why purchase a used Golf cart from facebook or Craigslist might be a bad Idea


I’m browsing Craig’s List for golf carts. I’m equipped with a cup of coffee and also an open mind.

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I see a listing because that a dope-looking white golf dare with impressive chrome wheels. I click. The headline reads together follows…

ALL NEW!! Pearl White , LIFTED GOLF dare , complimentary DELIVERY !! – $4500 (Mt.pleasant)

I then read the description…

Very Awesome dare !!, every NEW! 14″ wheel , led lamp , flip earlier seat , custom seats , windshield and charger , totally free DELIVERY !!,

This is one actual, existing listing top top Craig’s List. There are hundreds similar to them. And, you’ll find multitudes of similar listings on facebook Marketplace.

Let me ask girlfriend a question. Would you game buying the over referenced golf cart?

Well why not you ask?

Not only is that awesome… it’s very awesome. It’s gained 14-inch wheels, LED lights, a flip-back seat and also custom seats, a windshield (albeit a misspelled one), a charger… AND… wait because that it… free DELIVERY!

Sounds legit right?

“9 the end of 10 Golf Cart us Repair came From on facebook or Craigs List”

What’s remarkable about this listing is not what it describes but what the doesn’t. For instance, umm, let’s view here… Who provides it? What year is it? friend know… simply the two most crucial details.

Tens of thousands of hard-working, tax-paying, God-fearing, patriotic americans go digital to FB Marketplace or Craig’s List and buy a busted golf cart the they end up having actually to recording a bunch of money into. Don’t be this male (or gal).

In this short article I’m going to share v you five reasons why buying a golf dare from Craig’s perform and/or on facebook Marketplace could be a lousy idea.

You’re welcome.

You may be questioning yourself why i’m qualified to share such valuable wisdom. An excellent question.

Reason 1: I recognize a many stuff around golf carts.

Reason 2: I’m part owner of Charleston custom Carts, a factory-authorized golf cart dealership and service center.

Reason 3: We have a full-fledged golf cart organization department v multiple mechanics who spend many of their time functioning on golf carts that people bought native Craig’s list and/or on facebook Marketplace.

So there you go. Currently listen up.

Here space the five alarming factors why you should avoid purchase a golf dare from Craig’s List, Facebook, eBay and also other digital marketplace sites.

Reason One: do You Really desire to to buy A Cart that Someone constructed in your Garage?

Unfortunately most of the golf carts you see on facebook marketplace and also Craigslist are for sale by men who mass produce them for profit in your garage or backyard v the sole intent of make the most profit. This unfortunately renders them buy enlarge carts, cheaper parts and also they provide no warranty or duty if anything goes wrong.

You will from time come time see a family or old lady offering her golf cart and you deserve to sometimes discover a good deal there however unfortunately these locations are inundated v 100’s of older carts accumulated to “look” nice.

So you buy a dare from a man on Craig’s perform or Facebook that delivers the to her house. You journey it for a week and also realize it requirements work. Now what?

Did the seller carry out a warranty? go he have a service center? execute you even know whereby the hell that lives?

Of food not. That’s why civilization call united state to solve their busted cart troubles everyday. We go choose it up for them and also fix it up for them. But they need to of purchase a dare from us in the first place. 60% of ours service organization is from civilization who purchase a glowing “all new” cart online.

Reason Two: Golf Carts Being sold As “ALL NEW” Are frequently Older than Dirt

I keep seeing these golf cart listings the say “ALL NEW”. Don’t you autumn for it.

When you come across a listing for a golf cart that doesn’t show the year the very very first question you have to ask you yourself is why?. The factor why any kind of information is deliberately skip is since it is info that will certainly not assist sell the cart.

Most carts being sold for benefit online room carts older 보다 2010, some we have seen room as old at 2002. Castle are gained for much less than $1,500, given a rapid cosmetic resolve (new body, wheels, tires, seats) and also resold because that $3,000 – $6,000.

The electric system, brakes, steering, motor, wiring, controller, switches and frame are untouched and are 90% of the moment the components that need repair. As I’m penning this masterpiece, over there are countless of these above-referenced golf carts sit in our company department appropriate NOW, one needing a new controller ($400), one needing brand-new steering assembly ($300), one needing brand-new brakes ($300), one needing new wiring ($450)… and also that’s just today.

They look pretty though.

Buying golf carts that room older 보다 7-8 years is an unnecessary gamble. And also listing this lemons together “All New” is disingenuous.

Reason Three: most Refurbished Golf Carts Being sold Use worse Parts

Underneath the glowing veneer the a golf cart, hiding behind the sparkling chrome wheels, are parts. Favor anything yes cheap parts and quality parts.

People that space trying to do some rapid cash by flipping golf carts are not using luxury parts. Occasionally we check out new(ish) parts yet they are almost always worse quality; the kind of parts that will frequently let girlfriend down as soon as you really require them and leave girlfriend cursing in prior of your children.

Reason Four: many Carts Being offered Online are Cheaper Brands

Like the model year, golf dare listings often don’t tell you who made the bland thing.

At Charleston practice Carts we build custom carts from Club auto that are never ever older than 2013 due to the fact that they room the best, many reliable.

Most refurbished golf carts being sold online space EZGO, and also it’s our opinion that Club automobile makes a remarkable and much more reliable product. Club auto uses every aluminum frames i m sorry is especially important in the rust-promoting atmosphere of the low Country.

Used EZGO carts room cheaper to obtain than Club vehicle carts and also therefore space a popular an option for those cashing in ~ above selling supplied carts.

Reason Five: making use of Cheap battery is a vast Mistake

The heart of every golf cart space the batteries.

Many that the golf cart listings I have seen brag around having “brand brand-new batteries”. What friend should understand is there is a broad range of quality in golf dare batteries. The Craig list carts we business mostly have actually low-quality, cheap batteries.

Charleston custom Carts only usage Trojan battery or U.S. Battery which us feel space the highest-quality, longest-lasting and most trusted batteries top top the market.

You can learn much more about Trojan here.

And U.S. Battery here…

By now you recognize not to buy a used cart online from CL or FB witout seriously asking a the majority of questions and also have a golf cart technician check it out. So now it’s time because that the shameless promo of Charleston tradition Carts.

Here’s a rapid list of reasons why you have to buy a custom cart native us, and also why CCC is exploding in expansion in the Charleston area. 

Reason 1: CCC build Club vehicle carts that space 2013 or newer.Reason 2: CCC only offers the highest-quality, most trusted and tested components brands.Reason 3: All of our carts come with brand new batteries native Trojan or U.S. Battery.Reason 4: Every cart we construct comes with a full warranty and the batteries come v an 18-month warranty.

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Reason 5: If you buy a dare from us and something breaks, us come pick it up, settle it and also bring it earlier to you.

So there you have it. Execute you really want to purchase a Frankenstein-Cart that you check out on the internet and roll the dice? Or wouldn’t you rather buy a totally customized golf cart that is warranty-protected by a reputable authorized dealer v a full service department?