Variety is the Spice that Life Meaning

Definition: differences make life an ext interesting.

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Origin of Variety is the Spice that Life definition

The idea behind this expression is that life would certainly be boring if everything were the same all the time.

This idiom originally came native a city entitled The Task, which was composed in the year 1875 by a male named wilhelm Cowper. The full line is variety is the spice the life, which offers it every its flavor.

The poem compares unseasoned food, i m sorry is an extremely bland, with an unexciting life, in i beg your pardon nothing brand-new ever happens.

This appears to be an apt metaphor because too much spice makes food intolerable, just as as well much variety makes life stressful and unpredictable.

Examples that Variety is the Spice that Life Meaning

Two girlfriend are mentioning the brand-new boss that among them has at work.

Dan: Is the new boss in ~ your job-related still causing problems?

Kira: Yes. No one ever before knows what problem he’ll begin next. We offered to have predictable days. Now I have no idea what each brand-new day will bring.

Dan: Well, they say that selection is the spice that life.

Kira: that’s true. But this is an ext than just variety. This is chaos! selection would mean having actually a couple of parties sprinkled in among the meetings. It doesn’t mean having no regimen whatsoever!

The following example requires two women who are making plans to eat lunch together.

Gertrude: Let’s go to Olive Garden for lunch.

Ruby: Again? i love Olive Garden, yet we go there every week.

Gertrude: Why not? that delicious!

Ruby: range is the spice the life. Let’s shake points up a little by make the efforts something new.

More Examples

This excerpt is native an advice columnist who comments on how diverse the requests for aid are indigenous his readers.

This excerpt is from an article about baseball.

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The phrase variety is the spice of life is another means to say diversity bring excitement come life.


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