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Can anyone straight to the correct strength steering liquid for an MKIV?I looked in the owner manual and also could not find it.I do the efforts a search here but it was not working.Thanks in advance.
I uncovered some short articles on another board and also there appears to be some covenant on what VW specs and also some disagreement on perfect options.This does no seem to matter which version or year. You re welcome correct me If this is no true.VW G004 000 M2or Pentosin CHF 11S (Green in color)Others room saying you can use ATF +4 or Dex VI and it works fine. Others space saying to only use the VW or Pentosin.What folks do tend come agree top top is if you usage generic PSF it will screw that up.Any added insight?

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When VW switched over FROM ATF come CHF in 1991-1993, the actual components numbers stayed the same, only the fluid readjusted from Dex III, i m sorry is what lock were using then. So,it"s not DEXIII anymore. Mercedes Benz offers ATF+4 and also is the same PS parts suppliers as VW. The reality of the issue is, ATF is the most usual fluid used in power Steering. CHF came on the market and all the manufacturers just rushed to it. Castle all came from Dexron III, i beg your pardon isn"t noþeles special, it"s ATF, and also Mercedes went earlier to ATF+4 from CHF. If everyone thinks that CHF is the ticket to flawless power Steering function, and also longevity, demands to look into all the failures.Dexron using is currently certified because that PS organization as well. The difference is ATF+3/+4 and Dex through are currently allsynthetic. ATF+3/+4 is also a particularly formulated fabricated (less grabbier than Dexron), for Chrysler for their **** Transmissions. It"s perfect because that PS systems.CHF is an aircraft grade hydrolic oil for usage at high altitudes (mega-cold temps). What is the purpose of the in auto applications other than in arctic service? It"s expensive, and also NOT necessary. They"re basically 10 weight oilswith anti-foaming additives, i m sorry is what ATF+3/+4 and also Dexron by means of has.Mercedes has used CHF in all their sedans since the M112/M113 engine was introduced. The only MB vehicles to usage an ATF space the US built SUVs. The exemption to that will certainly be ML450 hybrids withelectrohydraulic steering. All various other vehicles v recirculating-ball steering will use an ATF Steering equipment Oil (A 000 989 88 03 10) subs to BQ 146 0001. DTB S-B-46.25/70 indicated proper PS fluid. I usage ATF+3/+4, or DexVI in all my hydraulic strength steering applications, it must be asynthetic. Can likewise use Valvoline Syn PSF, royal Purple artificial power Steering fluid. People havetopped off with these and went fine over 130K miles.