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I had a great experience at the Warwick last month (2015) and I am very careful about the bedding, since i know most hotels don"t clean on a regular basis the bed covering. I am looking forward to staying there again in as its very close to were i need to be on my visits to NYC.Jeffrey WeiszNaples, Florida.

I have stayed at the Warwick for over 20 years, in various rooms and suites. I have NEVER had anything happen as far as bedbugs go. I happen to be very vulnerable as far as reacting to any sort of insect bites, yet this hotel has always been my favourite place.

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This is a valuable resource to the travelling community and we appreciate the opportunity to respond. We take this potential problem very seriously and have increased our staff’s awareness by providing guidance in how to recognize and react to this problem. Additionally, our pest control company comes once a week and randomly and systematically inspects a number of rooms. I hope most consumers are aware, bedbugs can live in hotels, as well as office buildings, movie theaters, department stor

es, and other businesses, but are most prevalent in peoples home. We take these matters quite seriously, as no hotel is immune. Should you care to discuss further, please contact us directly.Nejib AyedRooms Division Manager

I woke up after one night of staying at the Warwick and had a few bites. Thinking that "surely it wasn"t from that nice hotel" I blame it on a filthy taxi. But after waking up a second morning covered in bites, my mother and I stripped everything in room apart to find blood stains on a pillow and a live bug in her bed! They gave us a full refund and had an exterminator come immediately

My husband and I stayed in a suite at The Warwick Hotel on October 18th through 21st. I went to bed with no issues on the 20th and I woke with red welts down both arms, which we took pictures of - day one and day two.We are totally disgusted by this, not to mention the pain, oozing and itching I continue to experience from the bug bites.The hotel assured us they would investigate and get back to us. We just got a call from a security person who, of course, reported no bedbug issues. He

said he had no authority to do anything other than inform us there were no issues.We washed all our clothes when we got home, and left the suitcase outside hoping to kill any critturs that might have come home with us.For over $700 a night, we had expected better than this expereince and better than this response.

stayed at Warwick for 2 nights in Aug 2012 with a friend-room 2512 or 2514-can"t remember. We each slept on separate bed in the room. Both of us developed red marks after the first night. Now that I"m looking at images online of bed bug bites, I can definitely guarantee that that"s what we have.

stayed in June and had an excellent experience! no bed bugs! awesome staff! did i say no bed bugs...warwick!!!

My daughter and I stayed at the Warwick over Mother"s Day weekend in May, 2012. The room was clean, nicely decorated, very comfortable - not a bug in sight. Also, we thought the beds and pillows were wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

I stayed at the Warwick Nov 23-26th 2011. Not a bug in site! Upon leaving we noticed a card making available information to purchase a mattress similar to one of their NEW mattresses. We chuckled because we both found the mattress fairly uncomfortable. It made me wonder if the new mattresses were replacements for ones with "problems"?We have liked the Warwick and stayed there Thanksgivings for over 15 years. First time we found the mattress uncomfortable........but they are NEW!

A lovely, clean, bug-free experience. My sister and I stayed here from Oct. 1 to Oct. 6, 2011. Everything was perfect.

Stayed at Warwick Hotel from March 2-5 at room 414. We took precautionary measures to look for evidence of bed bugs. Found none. Have been back 4 days and still bite free! Great hotel to stay at!

I stayed at the Warwick for 4 nights in April of this year and had no bedbug problem.

In July 2009 I stayed here, don"t recall which room, sorry! When I entered the room I noticed that it smelled like what I guessed was fresh paint. In hindsight, I realized that they may have tried to "disinfect" the room before I got there. I got out of bed in the morning and there on the sheet was a tiny red bed bug. My heart sank. I knew that in a couple days the welts would appear, and sure enough they did. All over my neck, arms, hands, and stomach. When I spoke with management, they were ru

de and condescending; a terrible experience. One person did acknowledge that the head of housekeeping went up to the room and found an infestation in the mattress. Disgusting, and their lack of apology even at my behest was just awful. I"ve stayed in hotels all over the world; have never been treated so rudely.

I stayed in room 903-904 at the Warick late August 2009. Woke up itching in the middle of the night...2 weeks later still have large, itchy welts on my inner tighs and on my stomach. Terrible...hard sleeping at night....itch horribly at night...nothing seems to offer relief....a shame...such a nice, boutique hotel..

May 2009Stayed in Warwick NYC 1 night and another hotel in NJ the night before. Not sure which hotel had the bugs but I noticed the bites after staying in the Warwick. To be fair, I may have noticed late. Anyhow, just an FYI - can\"t hurt to be too cautious.

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I stayed in room 910 at the Warwick Hotel at 54th and Sixth Avenue on February 15, 2009. I woke the next morning to find that I had been bitten during the night. I stayed only one night.I knew about the bed bug infestation in New York City and had taken certain precautions, such as not putting my suitcase on the bed or the floor, but neglected to shine a flashlight in the bed during the night to check for bugs. The room was large, the linens luxurious, everything very nice--except for the bi

tes. I notified the manager that I had been bitten when I checked out.I live in Alexandria, Virginia, and am now trying to make sure no bugs came home with me.

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