John Cena is among the greatest skilled wrestlers in the 21st century. Except wrestling, that is likewise a rapper that American roots. Cena also has an eye-catching file in Hollywood. After special in ‘the Marine’ movie, most civilization concluded that he remained in the military.

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Moreover, the salutes he does as soon as entering the ring and also the costumes made many people believe he was in the military. Was john Cena yes, really in the military? below is the story of man Cena and whether or not he was in the military. Friend will likewise know other wrestlers that were in the military.

Was john Cena In The Military?

Although most people think John Cena remained in the military, he was not. John Cena has actually never served in the military. However, the featured together a marine in ‘the Marine’ movie. Some wrestlers offered in the military, however Cena was not one of them. However, the holds the military in high regard and also gives them the Utmost respect.

John Cena wrestles Career

John Cena decided to get into wrestling in 1999. Therefore, he saw California to train at Ultimate pro Wrestling’s can be fried University. Cena obtained his nickname ‘Prototype’ while in ~ UPW because of his robotic movements.

In April 2000, Cena winner his very first UPW Heavyweight Championship. However, his reign as the champion did no last as he was beat twenty-seven job after. In October 2000, Cena dealt with with Mikey Richardson in a dark WWF match and also lost.

In June 2002, Cena had his debut o ‘smackdown’ whereby he battled with cut Angle. Back Cena lost with a little margin, he came to be the fan-favorite from that day. At that time, he even started performing freestyles around his opponents and also developed a rapper character called ‘Doctor of Thuganomics.’

In October 2002, that partnered through Billy Kidman to challenge the tags team championship, but they were unsuccessful. Later, he started feuding v the Undertaker and also unsuccessfully tried to record his an initial WWE title several times. However, regardless of not winning any title yet, he had actually still won the understanding of the fans.

In 2004, Cena was connected in feuds with the large show after ~ the huge Show got rid of him in the royal Rumble. The rivalry in between the two brought about Cena challenging the huge Show because that his United claims Championship. Cena winner the match in between him and also the big Show and also took the us Championship.

Cena later had actually a vendetta between him and the cabinet Crew, i beg your pardon Orlando Jordan was among them. Therefore, Cena ended up losing his U.S. Championship location to Jordan the exact same year. The then got into one more feud with JBL in 2005, that was then the WWE Champion. After daunting JBL at WrestleMania 21, Cena won his very first WWE world Championship location by winning the from JBL.

Later, JBL took the initial belt claiming the he to be the champion. However, the problem got resolved in a rematch where Cena won and also retained his title.

Kurt Angle challenged Cena because that the title and won it, however Cena maintained it later. In 2006 he additionally lost his location to Edge, yet again he won it in a royal Rumble match. In 2007, that partnered v Shawn Michaels and also took the human being Tag Team Championship title from Randy Orton and also Edge.

In October 2007, Cena got a torn muscle injury that made that relinquish his title. After that recovered, the returned and had several unsuccessful attempts at catching the WWE Championship title. In 2008 he teamed through Batista and also won the tags Team Championship.

Cena had a neck injury that required surgery and also put him the end of completing in the ring for part time. Once he returned, he tested Chris Jericho because that the WWE civilization Heavyweight Championship. He claimed the title for the very first time from chris Jericho after defeating him.

He test severally to take the WWE championship native Randy Orton, but he to be unsuccessful. In 2009 an ‘I quit match’ to be arranged between Orton and Cena for the WWE Championship. He eventually won and took the location from Randy.

Cena ongoing losing and also retaining WWE titles and also become among the best wrestlers in WWE. In 2009 he even got the Muhammed Ali tradition Award for his exceptional achievements. Now, Cena makes surprising sporadic appearances in the WWE fights together he focuses an ext on his exhilaration career.

John Cena’s army Connections

John Cena has actually never had real-life armed forces experience. However, the role he play in ‘The Marine’ movie affected his wrestles character. Cena started wearing green camouflaged shorts and wore dog tags when coming to the ring. It, therefore, provided the impression the he remained in the military.

Moreover, Cena started using a salute sign throughout his entrance to the ring. He then stated that it was a authorize of respect to his fans and the men and also women in the forces. The army was his function model on exactly how to it is in disciplined and adhere come the password of conduct.

Wrestlers Who served In The Military

Over the years, the United states Air Forces and also the civilization Wrestling entertainment have had actually an admirable relationship. As a sign of respect, WWE agency does an annual tribute come the troops to appreciate those that serve in the military.

Without any doubt, most wrestlers had other jobs prior to joining wrestling. Also though Cena did no serve in the military, other wrestlers did. Below are some of the wrestlers that offered in the military.

Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans is an outstanding professional wrestler that has had several successes in the ring. In spite of being in the sector for a couple of years, she has currently featured in the pay-per-views. She is an outstanding character in the ring, and also she is famous for she deadly right hand.

When Lacey Evans was nineteen year old, she join the unified States naval Corp. She served as a armed forces police officer for 5 years. She discovered pro wrestles in the military, and the remainder is history.

Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn is among the couple of wrestlers who have had actually success in the ECW, WCW, and the WWE. Most people remember the as among Raven’s i m crying members in WCW. Moreover, in his storyline in the WWE, he fell in love v Moppy.

Perry Saturn’s toughness come from the military. The featured in the united States army at seventeen years old. He saw study and graduated indigenous U.S. Army Ranger School. Student there execute intense leadership training for sixty-one days for those who execute not know around Army Ranger School.

Randy Orton

In the WWE industry, Randy Orton has actually forged his surname to be among the greatest names. He first featured in WWE ago in 2000. From that time, Cena has actually gone to become one the the most successful wrestlers the his time. He has an impressive record of thirteen WWE people Championships. That has likewise featured in countless pay-per-view events.

When Randy finished high school, he joined the united States marine Corps, wherein he had a unstable go. The did not have actually an superior record since he disobeyed orders and also had a couple of unauthorized absences. Therefore, his bad conduct led to his premature dismissal from the military, and he join WWE.

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley is a expert wrestler and also a martial artist, and he has had successes in both. Lashley has had actually many an excellent fortunes in the WWE. He to be the previous United states Champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion, and also now the is the raw WWE human being Champion.

Lashley was born in a military family since his father to be a previous U.S. Military Drill Sergeant. Lashley followed in his father’s steps, join the Army, had a successful army time, and later join the WWE.

FAQS Section

Did man Cena participate in any kind of other sport in his life?

After finishing his education, he joined Springfield college, whereby he join an American football team. His muscular body enabled him to play American football perfectly. Moreover, His top-notch skills earned the the captain band, and also he played in the main position. He was also the MVP of the team.

Did Cena gain a degree?

Cena acquired a degree in practice physiology and also human anatomy in 1998 native Springfield college. He then went to pursue a bodybuilding career. Cena acquired a task in a Limousine firm as a driver. Because he might not bought an apartment, he provided to sleep in his 1991 Lincoln Continental.

When to be Cena born, and also where did that live?

John Cena Sr and also Carol Cena had 5 children, and also John Felix Anthony Cena was their 2nd born. He was born top top 23 April 1977, and also his mother has an English Canadian origin, if his father has an Italian heritage. His parents elevated him as a Catholic and attended Catholic Schools.

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John Cena has had actually tremendous and also successful wrestling and also acting job in his life. He has actually won numerous awards, consisting of the Mouhamed Ali legacy award in 2019. Regardless of most civilization thinking Cena remained in the military, Cena has never had actually real-time military experience. However, he has actually a solid bond with most of the members that the U.S. Military. Cena is now an ext focused top top his acting career yet has thin appearances in WWE.