Finding out your favorite actor provided to serve in the military is exciting. However what about the personalities themselves? Who has served and when? below are nineTV characters that are armed forces veterans.

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1. Leroy Jethro Gibbs

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L.J. Gibbs is played by mark Harmon on the display NCIS. The personality is a previous US marine Corps scout sniper who is currently a specialagent commandinga team because that the navy Criminal InvestigativeService in Quantico. His father helped influence his decision to join the Marines together he to be a civilization War II vet. Gibbs joined the naval Corps in 1976 at age 18. He to be a army police NCO at Camp Lejeune prior to he ended up being a reconnaissance sniper. He served on tourism of duty in Panama and also the Persian Gulfand retired from the military in 1991.

2. David Stephen Rossi

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Rossi, play by Joe Mantegna, is a supervisory unique agent in the FBI’s Behavioral analysis Unit on the display Criminal Minds. From lengthy Island, NY,Rossi enlisted in the marine Corps and served in Vietnam. He increased to the rank of Sergeant Major. He also appears to have actually served in the marine Corps Reserves ~ he join the FBI. In season eight, Rossi encountershis old unit commander, SergeantHarrison Scott who is currently a homeless alcoholic living on the highways of Santa Monica. The is implied that they both served in the 1st Marine department together.

3. Jay Pritchett

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Jay Pritchett, play by Ed O’Neill, is among the family members members of the fight show, Modern Family. He deserve to be tough however decent and plainly loves his family. Prior to he turn 18, he provided a fake ID to enlist in the army but was no successful. Once he turned18, he served in the Vietnam War and had navy training in Pensacola, Florida.

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Played through Kevin McKidd, Owen Hunt is just one of the physicians atGrey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Grey’s Anatomy. He was an army traumasurgeon who offered in Iraq. He joined the hospital come teach medication as a surgical attending, later ended up being head that trauma surgery and then, chiefof surgery. He brings his military past v him to the hospital and has a lot of difficulties to job-related through due to the fact that of his experiences.

5. Seeley JosephBooth

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Booth, an FBI supervisoryspecial agent because that the homicide division, is play by David Boreanaz on the display Bones. The characterwas increased in Pittsburgh and also after shedding an athleticscholarship, enlisted in the Army. He to be a thirdgeneration military business member. He offered in the 90s together a sniper in the 101st Airborne Division, 75th Ranger Regiment, and special forces. The separated native the army as a grasp Sergeant after ~ receiving various awards including the violet Heart. He likewise went earlier to active duty to train Afghan soldiers in Afghanistan in between seasons five and six.

DetectiveJay Halstead, play by Jesse Lee Soffer, is a member of Sergent Hank Voight’s CPD intelligence Unit ~ above Chicago P.D. He is a experienced marksmanand army veteran who served in Afghanistan through the 75th Ranger Regiment deployed come the Korangal Valley. His military service made an affect on him and also he had difficulty adjusting come civilian life. He additionally may have resolve some PTSD.

7. Leo McGarry

Leo McGarry, play by john Spencer is the White house Chief the StaffandPresident Josiah Bartlet’s ideal friend on The West Wing. He is from Chicago, served in the wait Force, and also flew one F-105 Thunderchief through the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing the end of Takhli royal Thai Air pressure base during the Vietnam War. He was also wounded when he was shot downnear Hanoi and was carried through the tropical for 3 days by his friend.

8. Danny Reagon

Danny, play by Donnie Wahlberg, is the earliest son of frank Reagon, the patriarch that the multi-generational family of cops on Blue Bloods. In ~ the begin of season one, he had been top top the new York police department for 15 years. He took a leave of absence to serve 2 tours in Iraq as a Marine. He observed combat in Fallujah and also was the only member of his platoon come come ago home.

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9. Jacqueline “Jackie” Sharp

Sharp is play by Molly Parker, and is a autonomous congresswoman native California top top the display House that Cards. She is a military veteran and was tapped by Underwood to succeed him as bulk Whip. She has been come war and also her past has come up throughout the show.