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Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel play twins. Disney Channel

In various interviews, the costars have spoken candidly around not connecting ~ above set.

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"I mental auditioning with Ashley and also hating her because she wanted to practice a lot," Grabeel said Billboard in 2018. "I to be like, "Look, i don"t want to socialize much, I just want to job-related on my very own thing, I come prepared." yet we ran through the scene together outside, and also she offered me note in true Sharpay fashion. Ns was like, "Who is this girl telling me exactly how to do my own audition?""

When the pair teamed as much as sing "What I"ve been Looking For" top top Tisdale"s YouTube channel, they explained that they merely didn"t recognize each other.

"I think we just didn"t understand each other and I think i was definitely a lot favor Sharpay," Tisdale said.

Nowadays, Tisdale and also Grabeel room close friends.

"We just needed come live part life and go through some experiences together and learn where both of us came from and also then the happened," Grabeel said.

"HSM" to be filmed in ~ an really high institution in Utah, when classes were in session.


Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella and also Zac Efron as trojan in "HSM." Disney Channel

In the movies, east High school is in Albuquerque, brand-new Mexico. However in reality, the college is located in Salt Lake City and also their mascot is a leopard.

Because they made the movie during continual school hours, the cast and crew was regularly on a time crunch. Specifically while filming "We"re all in This Together" in the gym, they had to make certain there were no errors.

"Once the confetti go off, you can only carry out it once since there wasn"t time come clean that up," Coleman called BuzzFeed.

Unfortunately, components of the school"s inner were damaged after a flash flood took location in 2017.

Another actor and singer, Drew Seeley, sang Efron's monitor in "HSM."


attracted Seeley on MTV's "Total request Live" in September 2008. Peter Kramer/AP

Most "HSM" fans probably recognize that Efron"s to sing voice wasn"t heard too lot in the first movie and also the soundtrack. It has been speculated that his vocals were also low and also he couldn"t struggle a bulk of the high notes, therefore they went through Seeley, who also auditioned and also wrote "Get"cha Head in the Game."

Seeley did acquire to song Efron"s parts once the cast embarked on a concert tour, which the actor couldn"t attend due to the fact that he to be busy working on "Hairspray."

Efron ended up to sing for real for "HSM 2" and also "HSM 3," though.

"That to be a very substantial point for me," Efron called the Orlando Sentinel in 2007. "I had to placed my foot down and fight to obtain my voice on this tracks."

He added: "In the very first movie, after everything was recorded, mine voice was not on them. Ns was no really provided an explanation. It just kind of taken place that way. Unfortunately, it put me in an awkward position. It"s not something I expected to be addressed. Climate "High college Musical" blew up. I"m really fortunate that attracted has gotten ideal credit and likewise that I"ve gained the possibility to come back and try it again v my own voice."


Monique Coleman starred together Taylor McKessie in the "HSM" movies. Disney Channel

"I to be going v a period which a the majority of actors go through where you space on the brink of providing up since it simply doesn"t look like it"s walking to happen for you," Coleman called BuzzFeed.

She was additionally hesitant come audition for the movie and also said the "was actually an energetic argument in between me, mine agents, and also my manager."

Coleman at some point gave that a shot because she "connected" to Taylor.

"At the time, Raven-Symoné was the most prominent African-American top top the Disney Channel , if not the just one," Coleman explained to BuzzFeed. "I really want my nieces and also godsisters and just various other girls the were like me farming up the didn"t really have a duty model the looked prefer them the smartest girl in school."

Troy and Gabriella met after being paired up for karaoke in ~ a ski lodge. Disney Channel

Tisdale and also Coleman both auditioned to play Gabriella.

"I just knew that ns was terrible," Coleman recalled come BuzzFeed."I didn"t really feel equipped come sing and also dance."

Speaking to, Coleman said that"the audition was actually awful, but at the end of my audition, I basically made the spreading director aware of the truth that ns knew the it was terrible."

"And i think in that moment, they observed the potential or the seed of Taylor McKessie," she added.

Grabeel additionally tried the end for the function of Troy and vividly remembers listening Seeley"s audition right prior to his.

"I clearly heard him because it remained in a trailer, therefore it to be really thin walls and I was like, "Oh s---. I"m totally not gonna gain this since that guy"s incredible,"" Grabeel said BuzzFeed.

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According to BuzzFeed, bleu auditioned because that Ryan because he wasn"t mindful of the duty of Chad Danforth.