Hi everyone, I just picked up this pistol from a friend, He basically told me give him whatever I want for it. I was thinking 500$, however finding info on this gun is very difficult. I"m thinking its from 1943 based on the serial number on it. its definitely .455 caliber. but its got some odd numbers on it that are crossed out and I"m curious what they are. Any info will be greatly appreciated, along with what anyone thinks it might be worth, if its worth a good deal more than 500 then i don"t want to screw my buddy out of money, Thanks for your time!

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I"m sure someone more expert than myself will be along shortly, but I think ns .455 Mk.IV - as distinct from ns .38 version - was prominent around the late 1890s/early 1900s, and long out of production by 1943.


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Australian used and owned, also marked to QP which I believe is Queensland Police (with their rack number 282) - there may be lists of QP firearms around - I know there are for their early Enfields. SEE HERE



Edit $500 would be a bit low IMHO - but if its a friend who is not too worried. HERE IS ONE that sold for $700

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Yes Chris, certainly issued to the Queensland Police initially (cancelled mark) and then taken into military service with additional Department of Defence stamp. This most likely occurred during WW2 when there was a severe shortage of small arms. Also the D^D stamp looks to be in the "later" style. The "Sold out Service" marking would most likely be from the original British contract to supply the revolvers to the Queensland Government.

Wow thank you all so much for the info! This is an awesome history lesson on the pistol! I only guessed 1943 because I looked up the serial number and that seemed to be when it would have been made but I must have read something wrong. What year then should I assume it’s from? Thanks again for all the info! 

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I think you are confusing the .380 Mark IV with the .455 Mark IV in your dating attempt. Chris (4thGordons) has it pegged. Tthe .455 Mark IV came on-line in 1899 and the Mark V in 1913.

If you contact https://www.armsresearch.co.uk/ for a fee they may be able to give you a more exact date of production.

I have a 1915 webley mark v1 455" with original parts everything third serial number still there not rubbed out. Long barrel with the word england engraved on it. I would like to know if what i have is a good find. Help me please?????????

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Hi Mike, I don"t understand what you mean by the third serial number. Are two serial numbers defaced, and another (third) still intact? Are you in America? I believe that England was stamped or engraved on British surplus arms imported into the USA prior to 1969.

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In my opinion, any Great War arm is a good find. It has historical value and interest, but I"m sorry that I cannot help with an estimate of its monetary value. There are people on this board with the expertise to give an approximate price, but they would need to know the condition of the gun. Photos would help. 

Mike Green,

You may be confusing unit markings with serial numbers. Look at the pictures above the 94171 is the serial number and yours should be in the same place. The third location will be on the rear circumference of the cylinder.