Below are the selections that deserve to be uncovered from other source:A) metallicB) amorphousC) covalent networkD) molecule E) ionicMolecular is the adjective best describes the solid link if7. Prize is D. Thank you for posting her question here at ns hope the price will assist you. Feel cost-free to ask much more questions here.

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what can ideal be inferred indigenous this excerpt is the pittsburgh pirates had actually a to win season in 1972., the certain information around the year is detailed in the excerpt.

the other options are no correct due to the fact that we have the right to not guarantee that roberto clemente to be the best due to the fact that we don"t recognize the information around the other players, there room no mentions about any details fan either and it is clear that not numerous batters have the right to make it to 3000 hits because it is point out as a high number.

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Kwan gazed out at she brother and heard his shrieks of happiness as that tried to direct their marvelous flying creation. She watched the wheel, spin, and also dive—a wild, vibrant bird placing on an aerial display. That gold and also red crepe-paper wings fluttered in the air, mimicking the trip of a predatory bird surveying the landscape for prey. It swooped and also dived, perhaps learning a possible meal, and then walk airborne again to stop the rocky terrain below. Min was the falconer, guiding his bird on its path through the sky, no yet all set to call it earlier to the ground. But kwan grew concerned when she looked the end at the dark, threatening clouds beginning to roll in turn off the water. As soon as she experienced the streaks of lightning in ~ the cloud formation, she pointed to the remote storm and also called out to her little brother to bring in the kite. Min nodded and also rolled in the dragon string, happen his bird home. “let’s go,” kwan told she brother and put her arm approximately him to fold him safely under she wing as they both hosted onto the kite. “it’s time to walk home.” exactly how does the extended metaphor in i 3 impact the atmosphere of this passage? a-it creates a emotion of silliness that catches the absurd feeling of the situation. B- it creates a feeling of peace to enhance the feelings of min at this point. C-it create a feeling of fear over what may happen if the kite crashes. D-it creates a sense of awe and wonder at min"s mastery the the kite.