As your boy is examining the letters of the alphabet and also you are selecting the right learning games, we are here to provide some funny facts and relatable subject to assist it all stick.

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Understanding, which means to comprehend or know something.


United, or join together.


Unique, an additional word for distinct or different.

UThere room an unending number of ways come spark more ideas because that educational methods for the letter U. Examine out this especially beneficial list of native that begin with the letter U, geared towards an individual development.Speaking the development! have actually you currently had a look at our Letter U worksheets?

Ready for an ext words that begin with the letter U?


In the heart of expanding our knowledge, ns scoured the globe.

My youngsters love to learn all of the interesting pet facts the they can get their hands on. The weirder, the better! —fact intruigue—



The Umbrellabird is a large, tropical varieties of bird that is found inhabiting the tropical of main and south America. All three species are reasonably similar in appearance v an umbrella-like crest on the peak of your heads (for i m sorry they to be named) and a pendant-shaped blow up pouch on your throats. For many of the year, the Umbrellabird can be found inhabiting lowlands and also mountain foothills, typically at altitudes less than 500 meters. Throughout the reproduction season however, lock migrate higher into the hills where they conference in groups known as a “Lek” where they can find a mate. Fruits and tiny animals are the Umbrellabird’s primary sources of food, eat a variety of invertebrates such as insects and also spiders, along with little frogs and also birds.


The Urial is a wild lamb subspecies. The males have actually very huge horns, together some deserve to measure approximately 3 feet. Their fur is typically brownish red in color, and they have actually white ‘beards’ on your faces below the mouth. Like most wild sheep, the Urial is uncovered in hilly terrain, and also are herbivores. Lock eat grasses, and also lichen, together with other tree if needed. Together social animals they live in flocks for protection from predators and also warmth in ~ night. This species is endangered.


The fully uakari is a southern American primate v a fairly unusual appearance. Thus, this pet exhibits a shining red, broad and level face. One more characteristic feature of this animal is that extremely quick tail. The herbal habitat of this species stretches throughout Amazonian region of west Brazil, eastern Peru and also in southern Colombia, where these pets inhabit solely tropical forest. They frequently prefer flooded areas or will certainly stick close come rivers. Uakaris are highly social creatures, creating groups that 10 – 30 individuals, although this primates have been observed in larger units of as much as 100.


The Uguisu is a small species that bird that is natively uncovered throughout Japan, China and also Taiwan, in addition to a number of other areas of the much east. The Uguisu is likewise commonly known as the Japanese Bush-Warbler, together it is called for its beautiful distinctive song. They room omnivores, yet they largely eat tiny insects, larva, and spiders during summer and they greatly eat seeds and also nuts throughout winter. The Uguisu is a reasonably solitary bird with people only really coming together throughout the reproduction season.

So many perfect pets as we broaden our understanding of words that start with the letter U! Our earth is therefore exciting! Let’s view what rather U is for!


Can’t stop coloring? Us, either! don’t forget to inspect out our shade by letter sheets!


Our search words that start with the letter U has carried us to part pretty amazing places.

United claims of America

The United claims of America is the world”s 3rd largest nation in size and also the third largest in state of populace in the world! The landscape varies across this big country from tropical beaches that Florida to the snowy peaks that the Rocky Mountains. The rojo prairie lands and also barren deserts in the west come the substantial areas of dense wilderness in the north. Interspersed throughout room the great Lakes, the cool Canyon, the majestic Yosemite Valley and the mighty Mississippi River. And also that is just the beautiful landscapes! over there is too much to say about our unbelievable home!

United Kingdom

The united Kingdom, additionally called the U.K., consists of a team of islands off the northwest coastline of Europe. Much of the north and west that the U.K. Is covered in high ground, knife-edged hill ridges separated by deep valleys. This terrain to be shaped in the last ice cream Age, once thick glaciers extended the land. The united Kingdom’s facility geology offers rise to a wide selection of landscapes and a variety of habitats for its animal and plant life. However it is a an extremely crowded country, and also there are not plenty of truly wild locations left. The most successful wildlife varieties are those that deserve to live alongside people.

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united Arab Emirates


U is for Ugli Fruit

Ugli fruit, additionally known as Jamaican tangelo or uniq fruit, is a cross in between an orange and a grapefruit. It’s getting popularity because that its novelty and also sweet, citrusy taste. People likewise like it because its strange eco-friendly peel is simple to remove.

You deserve to make an Ugli Fruit right into just about anything you can make v oranges!

Here are 5 of my favorite orange recipes that would be simple to “ugli-fy”!

Can girlfriend think of much more examples because that words that start with the letter U? Share few of your favorites, below!