I still have the right to not uncover on what is the allude of player points, is it simply a useless point that ROBLOX made?


All games have a leaderboard based on player clues on the website. If there is no way to knife player points, the leaderboard is empty.

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What does the leader plank signify? Why is that important? Is there a reward for acquiring player points?

I feel favor Roblox need to give kids an catalyst to get players points and also reach milestones. Because that example, these turning points would reward kids with tiny lump sums that Robux or Tix or even special event items like hats or gear. Roblox requirements to get an innovative to keep kids participating together they gain older!

It was initially intended to it is in a kind of ranking/reward system, yet people began publishing games that abused it pretty heavily. Those games made the whole ide fall apart, due to the fact that they would flood players with ridiculous points that weren't legitimately earned. So the points have literally no purpose now.

yeah this^they were supposed to be prefer xbox's gamerscore and also you could earn castle by doing ingredient in-games and also earn "player points" to display off just how well you do in games

These come out together an achievement form thing. You would execute something in a game and a developer could reward friend points. There to be a worldwide leader plank for who has actually the many points. The catch is that each game has a PP "balance" where the an ext robux spent on a video game the more PP could be rewarded. If there were no PP in the device you couldn't offer the player PP. The difficulty is that gamings would permit you to purchase player points.

Ranking system aswell together some teams that you essential for instance 500 PPs come join. Yet it to be removed due to game favor (GET 500 PLAYER clues ON each KILL!) and also (GET totally free 500 PLAYER POINTS each TIME YOU push THE BUTTON) reaching the frontpage and also then devs eliminated it from their gamings after some time.

They offered them together a new and fresh currency in the brochure where you might buy specific things through them, they acquired abused though.

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Roblox is a game production platform/game engine that permits users to style their own games and also play a wide range of different varieties of games created by other users.