Human resources are the human being with their knowledge, an abilities and abilities. Creativity and technological skills also loss under person resources.

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Physical resources room the natural and man-made things.Natural resources space the points of nature. These include water, trees, soil, sun, climate, minerals, land, animals, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Man-made resources space things do or produced by man, such as motor cars, buildings, equipment, machinery and roads, among others.

Resources of the Land

Before the Europeans came to the Caribbean, many of the floor were greatly forested. Once Christopher Columbus pertained to Jamaica, the Arawaks said him that the surname of the location was Xaymaca – meaning ‘land that wood and also water.’ many of the woodlands were no cleared till after the europeans came. The Spaniards to be the an initial Europeans to involved the Caribbean. Animals such together horses, cattle, sheep and also pigs were introduced to the area through them. They likewise took crops such together sugarcane, bananas, and also citrus and cultivated other plants that they can use such together tobacco, rice, cotton and cocoa. Throughout the Caribbean, however, sugar cane to be the leading crop.

Sugar cane to be grown in the bigger Caribbean territories and some that the biggest producers to be Barbados, Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. However, sugar cane is no much longer grown on as big a range as prior to in Jamaica and also a variety of sugar factories have actually closed. Cuba, however, continues to it is in a big sugar producer.

The Caribbean countries are also well recognized for 3 beautiful landscapes – eco-friendly Hills, valleys and white sand beaches. Together a an outcome of the differed landscape of the Caribbean, activities performed in some islands might be similar as well as different. The usual climate, for example, enables similar crops to be grown throughout the region. The quantity of rainfall, the size and also terrain the the floor are various other important factors that aid to identify where particular crops are grown.

Before us dive right into the miscellaneous resources that the floor in the Caribbean, let us look back at the size of some Caribbean lands and also the geography of some of the islands.

The tables listed below show some countries which are relatively huge and small. They additionally show the geography and also the size of each country.

Can you recognize which is the biggest island? which is the the smallest island?



We cannot start talking around farming in the Caribbean without first talking around the soil in the Caribbean. There space different types of floor throughout the Caribbean. They vary from really fertile in the wet highlands and valleys to less fertile in the dried sandy areas. The variation in floor can affect the types of plants grown in various territories in the Caribbean or also in different sections the a country. Cuba and also Barbados for example, continue to produce large quantities the sugar because of their productive soils.

Farming is the cultivation of floor or the rearing of livestock. Because that many human being living in the Caribbean, agriculture is a method of life. We could say the farming is your main financial activity.

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During the work of slavery, servants were enabled to cultivate tiny crops in their spare time. Some points they planted to be yam, cassava, corn and also rice. They also reared pigs and poultry. After Emancipation, they ongoing their farming. They had actually to plant more crops in order to sustain themselves because they to be no much longer bonded to the plantations. They did not own lands and so, in most situations they squatted top top Crown lands (lands belonging come the government). Most squatting took place in countries like Jamaica, Guyana, and also Trinidad.