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Need the seven dwarfs names from eye White? If there’s one thing I’ve learned from mine Disney princess list, it’s that civilization are constantly searching because that the name of Disney characters. Due to the fact that I’m all around Disney, ns figured that was around time I started sharing more, beginning with the surname of the seven dwarfs.

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Whether you’re simply trying to remember the surname of the seven dwarfs or want to learn an ext about them, you’ve come to the ideal place. Even the best Disney fans could forget one or two so I’ve acquired the complete list and more!

The original Seven Dwarfs

Before there was eye White and also The 7 Dwarfs, the initial Brothers Grimm version had actually their own version in the 1812 collection of stories, Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

In the original German version of the tale, the dwarfs didn’t also have names. That wasn’t until 100 years later when Winthrop Ames turn the original fairy tale right into a Broadway play in new York.

According come Wikipedia, the dwarf’s name in the Broadway display were Blick, Flick, Glick, Snick, Plick, Whick and also Quee. Crazy, right? numerous versions the the story later, the dwarfs lastly got the names us know and love. Ns don’t know about you yet I’m pretty happy the the original names didn’t stick!


Snow White and The 7 Dwarfs

Even then, the didn’t go rather the way most of us though. When Walt Disney made decision to call the story of eye White in his very first animated attribute film, there were 16 dwarfs.

Nine that the dwarfs didn’t make the reduced though. Part were reduced by Disney producers because they worried the the names were also offensive because that a Disney movie. I’m pretty sure that cutting Tubby, Baldy and Deafy was a smart move on your part!

The movie was finally released in 1938 and also that’s once the civilization was presented to the dwarfs (and dwarf names) that us know and love today!

Fun Fact: The animated film was a huge success from the start. The nationwide Film registry selected the as among the an initial 25 films for preservation and also it additionally made the American movie Institute’s perform of the 100 biggest American Films.


Think you know all the surname of the dwarfs? Keep analysis to uncover out!

What space the name of the 7 dwarfs?

DopeyDocBashful SneezyHappyGrumpySleepy



If there’s one dwarf anyone remembers, it’s Dopey! He’s instantly recognizable in his green tunic and also purple hat and also is also the just dwarf that doesn’t have actually white hair.

Dopey is commonly everyone’s favorite character.

Fun Fact: when Snow White is kissing all the dwarfs on your foreheads, she stops at Dopey and also says “Oh Dopey.” her lips never relocate though.


Doc, the leader the the group, is straightforward to tell except the rest of the dwarfs since he wears glasses. He’s likewise the one in the yellow hat and orange-brown tunic.

As the leader of the group, Doc has a bossy attitude and also is constantly clashing through Grumpy. Walt His personality is a little flustered and also it to be Walt Disney’s idea that he would certainly sometimes require the other dwarfs to remind him wherein he is. If Walt did this to provide Doc a little an ext charm and also vulnerability, i think that worked!

Doc was voiced through Roy Atwell, a comedian who was continually stammering and also using combined up language in his acts. Due to the fact that that’s one of Docs major character traits, i think that made the a pretty great fit.


True to his name, Bashful is shy, self conscious and gets embarrassed conveniently This cute tiny guy can regularly be discovered blushing and hiding behind his beard.

He’s also a romantic in ~ heart, i m sorry is clear once he argues that snow White read the dwarfs a love story. He clearly has a like on her but unfortunately because that him, she only has eyes for she prince.


Poor Sneezy! Cursed v a severe situation of hay fever, that sneezes his way through the entire movie. His allergy even effect his decided patterns, probably as result of the fact that he always has a stuffy nose.

Fun Fact: Billy Gilbert, the voice behind Sneezy, was a radio comedian famous for his sneezing routine. I’d speak the he to be a pretty an excellent fit because that the job!


It’s no surprise that Happy is the most cheerful and also fun of all the dwarfs. While that was initially planned as an ext of a comically disastrous character, obviously that didn’t stick. Happy loves food, parties and dancing, making him the dwarf I’d most want to hang with!


Grumpy is the dwarf in the brown hat and red tunic however you don’t need that to choose him the end of a crowd. He’s easy to spot since he’s the one with his eight crossed in a huff and also giving his other dwarfs annoyed looks. Deep down he’s a good guy however it bring away a lot because that him to present it.

Fun fact: Pinto Colvig, the voice behind both Grumpy and Sleepy, was likewise the original voice the Goofy.


Sleepy put on the yellow-brown tunic however that’s no what you an alert first. All you need to do is look because that the because that droopy eyelids and also you deserve to pick Sleepy the end of a crowd. He has actually a tired look that makes you think he might slip into a nap at any type of second. If he’s this worn down now, imagine if he had actually kids!

In stimulate to do Sleepy look, well, continuous sleepy, animator Fred Moore always drew one eye larger than the other or one eye half shut. Also when there’s numerous excitement around, he’s constantly trying difficult to continue to be awake.

Fun Fact: prior to Pinto Colvig was selected, Sterling Holloway remained in the running to it is in the voice of Sleepy. The didn’t obtain it yet don’t feeling too poor for him. He at some point went ~ above to come to be the voice the Winnie The Pooh.

Who voiced the 7 dwarfs?

The seven dwarfs were voiced by the following actors/performers:

Dopey – Eddie Collins (with vocal effects by Jimmy MacDonald)Doc – Roy AtwellBashful – Scotty MattrawSneezy – Billy GilbertHappy – Otis HarlanGrumpy – Pinto ColvigSleepy – additionally Pinto Colvig

Who voiced the other main characters?

Snow White – Adriana CaselottiThe Prince – harry StockwellEvil Queen – Lucille La VerneThe Huntsman – Stuart Buchanan

More eye White Trivia

The dwarfs room all modeled after genuine people.

During one record session, Disney animators request Lucille La Verne if she can voice the angry Queen with much more of a raspier, rougher voice. She left and also came earlier a few minutes later with simply the voice they to be looking for. Castle asked how she go it and she merely said “I just took my teeth out”.

Walt Disney was able to develop Disney Studios through the profit that he do from snow White and The seven Dwarfs.

At 14, eye White is the youngest of every the Disney princesses.

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When the movie won an academy award, it was offered a continual Oscar and seven mini ones.

There were even much more rejected names before the Disney team decided on the last seven. Several of these contained Awful, Biggy-Wiggy, Blabby, Dirty, Gabby and also more. Now I have actually even more of a soft spot because that the dwarfs’ surname they finally went with!

With room constructed in for inflation, this movie is the greatest grossing animated film of every time. The funny thing around that is that before it to be released, Hollywood was calling the movie “Walt Disney’s Folly” due to the fact that they were encouraged it would fail. Guess: v Walt showed them every wrong!

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