Nothing beats great quality time v our family, attach by an entertaining family members movie. Specifically when the film requires a clever and also loyal family members pet friend.

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Now, you may have been enticed by Marley or had actually your upper heart by the significant story of the loyal Hachiko.

Yet, nobody would be able to give her spirit enough wonder and excitement favor our all-time American favorite pup, Benji. is reader-supported, and as one Amazon Associate, we earn rose from qualifying to buy (at no extra expense to you). See our disclaimer page for more information.

Benji Dog each other

Everyone who has watched “Benji” probably curious about: what kind is Benji dog breed?

Its adorableness makes many civilization wondering around his background and inheritance.

Now, to end your curiosity, here we space going to check out further about Benji’s breed and also its origin.

Benji The Dog Breed

Benji dog breed is a dog each other of cocker spaniels, poodle and schnauzer.

From the cocker spaniels origin, there are two varieties of spaniel dog: American Cocker Spaniel and also English Cocker Spaniel. In the joined Kingdom, cocker spaniels to be bred as hunting dogs.

The indigenous cocker itself derives from their job to hunting Eurasian woodcock. In the US, this breed to be being trained to hunt American woodcock.

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Benji dog breed also originated indigenous poodle. Poodle on the various other side is trained come hunt waterfowl, source in Germany. The is a relatively old breed contrasted to other kind.

Poodles commonly categorized in three sizes; toy, miniature and standard. It only has one great coat consists curly hair that no sheds much. While together for schnauzer, it was bred mainly to be guard dogs. The is source from Germany too, and also was recognized as a kind of functioning dog.

Now, you recognize that Benji gained its figure from several breeds. His little size inherited native his forefather: miniature schnauzer, long hair from cocker spaniels, and His behavior/characteristic indigenous poodles.

So, if you’re searching for another dogs prefer Benji – and if you space lucky sufficient – girlfriend may be able to find them in the nearest pet shelter roughly you, due to the fact that Benji was actually a shelter dog prior to he play a big role in the movie.

Benji Dog Movie Breed

Benji history and Facts

Benji is a dog personality from the Benji movie franchise. There can be few of you who recognize Benji just from the movie playing on Netflix.

But, Benji’s background goes all the method back come his first appearance in his very an initial movie, i beg your pardon premiered in 1974.

In the 1974 movie, Benji was portrayed as a free-spirited dog who preferred to roam all about his favourite city of Texas. He would certainly then have actually to face an incredible an obstacle when he found out that two children—his favourite hoomans—were abducted and held for ransom.

Benji swung right into action, came into their rescue, and also finally conserved the day. The course, through a little bit of a romance story follow me the way with a beautiful Maltese named Tiffany.

Benji (1974) was the original Benji movie ~ above the franchise, where Benji make his an initial appearance and charmed the hearts of every dog-friendly Americans. This very first Benji movie to be brilliantly produced by Joe Camp, v all odds against him, claiming that the film to be going come bomb. Joe Camp verified them wrong, and also the movie to be a substantial hit.

On top of everything, the success the Benji (1974) was, the course, many thanks to the wonderful furry pooch who played the character: an lover cute dog called Higgins.

Now, if you take place to have actually watched the an excellent Benji movie, there will a time as soon as you suddenly have actually the urge to obtain a dog specifically like Higgins. Well, unfortunately, friend may need to settle because that something simply a small bit similar.


Because Higgins was among a kind.

Nobody knew the precise breed the the furry actor. Higgins was uncovered when he to be still a puppy by one American animal trainer called Frank Inn in ~ the Burbank animal Shelter.

As many civilization assumed the Higgins to be a Border Terrier, frank Inn believed that the furry actor was more of a mix of Miniature Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, and also Schnauzer. Still, there was nobody who could 100% check Higgin’s type of breed.

The charming Higgins was believed to it is in born ~ above December 12, 1957. After 14 years energetic and flourishing in the entertain business, Higgins died shortly before his 18th birthday.

Benji Dog breed Appearance

His faithful trainer, frank Inn, want to save Higgin’s ashes hidden with him as soon as he died. However, the inquiry was denied because of legal problems. Therefore, Higgin’s ashes now remain v Paul Inn’s daughter.

After Higgin’s death, the 2nd Benji was played by his offspring of the contrary gender, Benjean. Then, the third Benji to be played by Higgin’s remote relative, and the fourth Benji to be played through a rescue dog adopted from the Humane culture of south Mississippi.

The success of the Benji franchise motivated Joe Camp’s son, Brandon Camp, to create a reboot that the movie the is friendlier to the current culture, the Benji (2018) ~ above Netflix.

The Benji (2018) usually tells a comparable story that the dog’s saving two school youngsters whom he had created a friendship. However, this time, Brandon Camp and also his significant team added much more dramatic twisted and much more exciting scenes. This movie would make your heart race, and also your eye tear up because that sure.

Besides, together the kid of the original creator, Brandon Camp basically thrived up with the Benji franchise, and also Higgins’s offspring—Benjean herself. Therefore, he had actually all the experience and also necessary structure to catch the dog’s characters and also spirits perfectly.

That is why he was extremely specialized to finding the ideal actor to play Benji. Brandon Camp then finally discovered the appropriate eyes in an adorable pup called Fairfield.

Just together his predecessors, Fairfield was also a stray dog v male sex found—malnourished, matted, and also flea-ridden—in a grocery store parking lot as soon as he was about 3 months old.

He was brought to a Humane culture shelter in Virginia afterward, and also Brandon Camp immediately fell for his warm and expressive eyes. Camp then chose that Fairfield to be the perfect furry girlfriend to play his Benji.

Therefore, v the assistance of note Forbes, a prominent pet trainer because that movies (Marley and Me, we Bought a Zoo, and also Zookeeper), they turn Fairfield from a helpless stray dog right into a expert furry actor.

Well, due to the fact that Fairfield was also a rescue dog, you might never uncover a furry companion that looks specifically like him.

However, you deserve to still try searching because that a fox terrier mixed breed because that is the common perception of Fairfield’s kind of breed.

So, are you interested in recognize out how Benji (2018) share his predecessors’ brilliance and saves his beloved ideal friends?

Watch Benji on Netflix, and be ready to acquire your psychic blown!

Benji FAQ

How many Benji movies to be made?

The an initial movie in the Benji franchise was premiered in 1974 through the location “Benji”. After getting positive reactions, the franchise continued and also managed to develop 5 adhering to movies:

Aside native the above movies, Benji also appears in several quick TV movies as follow:

What type of Dog is Benji 1974?

The initial Benji to be played by one adorable mixed breed pup called Higgins, that was found as a puppy at the Burbank animal Shelter by an animal trainer called Frank Inn.

Many world thought that Higgins to be a Border Terrier, but Frank Inn thought that Higgins was much more of a mix that Miniature Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, and also Schnauzer.

What kind of Dog is Benji 2018 (Netflix)?

The latest Benji movie reboot to be played by a dog named Fairfield. Nobody to know the specific breed the this dog, however many people believed that Fairfield is a fox terrier blended breed.

The manager of Benji (2018), Brandon Camp, stated in an interview the the dog who played Benji (2018) to be a stray dog found—malnourished, matted, and also flea-ridden—in a grocery save parking lot, then lugged to the regional rescue shelter. Camp believed that Fairfield had actually the appropriate warm, expressive eyes, which are perfect because that the role of Benji.

How old is Benji the dog 2018?

As the dog who played Benji, Fairfield, to be found and also rescued from the streets, nobody knew the exact age of this dog. However, Brandon Camp—director the Benji (2018)—and pet trainer note Forbes believed that Fairfield to be 3 months old when they decided to pick him together the following legendary rescue dog, Benji.

Is Benji the Dog a young or a Girl (2018)?

The fifth and also current Benji is named Fairfield, a masculine dog who was rescued indigenous a grocery store parking lot. Currently he has discovered his love home, life happily in his trailer attach by a complete team of very demanding lawyers, agents, and even a an individual chef.

What type of dog is Benji’s girlfriend, 2018?

In the reboot movie, Benji has actually two brand-new colleagues: a vicious Rottweiler called Rott, and a new love interest named Mongrel.

There is no specific information on what sort of dog Mongrel is. However, due to the fact that Rott is named after his breed, Rottweiler, it is for sure to assume that Mongrel is, well, a Mongrel. It way that Mongrel is a dog of combined breed the does no belong to one specific form of breed.

When go the initial Benji Die?

The original Benji to be played by a delightful pup called Higgins. ~ a successful 14-year job in the entertainment business, Higgins passed away just weeks prior to his 18th birthday.

Higgins trainer, Paul Inn, cremated Higgin’s body and saved the ashes in one urn. As result of his tremendous love for Higgins, Paul asked for that the urn be hidden in his coffin after he died. Unfortunately, his request was denied because of legal obstacles. Therefore, Higgin’s ashes now remain v Paul Inn’s daughter.

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Wrap Up

Mixed-breed dog space popularly thought to be a much better choice because that pet. As well as its lower price, they often tend to be an ext resistant to particular inherited disease.