What continents lie completely or partly?

The Equator and Prime Meridian part the earth into various hemispheres of halves. The north Hemisphere is every one of the planet lying north of the equator. Located fully in the north Hemisphere space North America, & Europe. Partially located right here are Africa, Asia, & south America.

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Which continent lie partly or totally in the west Hemisphere?

The 2 continents the lie totally in the west hemisphere space North America and also South America. The western hemisphere is defined as the component of the Earth’s surface ar west that the prime meridian.

Which continent lie partially or fully in the southern Hemisphere?

Two continents, Australia and Antarctica, room located fully within the southerly Hemisphere, and also parts that Africa, south America, and also Asia.

Which country lies in the extreme eastern of the eastern Hemisphere?

Conversely, Russia, brand-new Zealand, and also Fiji have most the their are west the the 180th meridian, in the eastern Hemisphere, so they are considered to belong come the easternmost countries with their territory extending as much to the east as beyond the 180th meridian right into the western Hemisphere.

What 2 continents are completely in the west Hemisphere?

Western Hemisphere, component of Earth making up North and also South America and the surrounding waters.

What ocean is no in the western Hemisphere?

At least part of four of the Earth’s five oceans is situated in the west Hemisphere. These room the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern s (Antarctic), and also the Arctic Ocean. About half of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are located in the west hemisphere.

What 2 continent are fully in the southern Hemisphere?

Antarctica and Australia. Southern America is mostly in the southerly Hemisphere, though the equator cuts v its north tip.

Are there more continents in the eastern Hemisphere?

The eastern Hemisphere contains much more of the Earth’s floor mass than the western Hemisphere. In ~ least component of four of the seven continents are situated in the east Hemisphere: Africa, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Is the s in the western or east Hemisphere?

Part the the s lies in the east Hemisphere, while the remainder is located in the western Hemisphere. Due to the fact that most of Earth’s land massive is situated in the east Hemisphere, the bulk of the world’s populace also stays in the east Hemisphere.

Which is the second smallest continent ~ above Earth?

Europe is Earth’s 2nd smallest continent in terms of land area. The continent has actually an approximated area that 3.93 million square miles, most of which is situated in the east Hemisphere. Only a grasp of europe countries completely lie exterior the eastern hemisphere, such together Ireland and also Portugal.

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Which is the biggest continent eastern of the prime meridian?

The big continent is located primarily east of the element meridian and also west the the antimeridian. The only component of Asia external the eastern Hemisphere is a small portion of Russia, in ~ the eastern finish of the continent. The Indian s is ranked together the world’s third largest ocean.