15 keys Behind Hawaii Five-0 You had actually No Idea around The Hawaii Five-0 reboot has actually been airing for virtually a te and, in that time, has emerged its same share the secrets.

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Hawaii Five-O has actually been about for decades. The original Hawaii Five-O aired in 1968 and also aired until 1980. As soon as the last illustration aired, it was the longest to run police drama in American history. That course, this was prior to Law & Order"s heyday fight in the "90s. Then, in 2010, that was made decision to reboot the police drama through a new cast playing versions of the old characters. Oh, and also they adjusted the "O" come a zero. Currently in that is eighth season, the reboot has actually been airing on CBS ever before since.

As with any type of show, particularly one that"s been on for nearly a decade, there are plenty of secrets behind the scenes of Hawaii Five-0. Whether it"s why an actor chose to leave, or a problem with the police, there"s a lot the the audience tuning in every week doesn"t know about this clear procedural drama. The trivia had in this list won"t necessarily readjust your opinion top top the show, but it will provide a many color regarding why particular decisions were made - both by the cast and the network.

Prepare to learn 15 tricks Behind Hawaii Five-0 You had No Idea About!

prior to Taryn Manning was part of Orange is the new Black, she was on the reboot the Hawaii Five-0 because that a few episodes. She played mar McGarrett, Steve"s rambunctious younger sister who was constantly getting herself into trouble Steve had to acquire her the end of. However, after she showed up on the show, Manning herself had trouble with the law.

When she to be thirty-three, she allegedly struck her twenty-three-year-old comprise artist. This brought about two misdemeanor charges because that physical abuse and also released ~ above her very own recognizance.

However, according to Manning"s attorney, it to be a minor occurrence that had been blown out of proportion. The two lived together, follow to People, and also spent every living moment together. We"ve heard about bad roommates, yet that seems extreme.

This darker mystery that Hawaii Five-O holds regrettably isn’t the surprising - especially with today’s #MeToo and also Time’s increase movement. So late last year, according to Fox, in the middle of #MeToo, Kelly Tolar filed a complain saying that she had actually been harassed in Honolulu. The claims include workplace harassment, harassment, and also breach of employed for emotionally distress and also assault and also battery. Tolar did areas for the show.

Even though she filed the complaint in 2017, Tolar says she emailed her supervisors in 2015, but there to be no main reprimand. "This mainly he go out up in ~ me, telling me that ns am a "stupid f--king idiot," "retard" and also "dumb a--.""

The complain was against Jake Downer, a colleague and executive producer’s son.

The actors of Hawaii-Five-O
Keo Woolford, far better known to the Five-0 family members as Det. James Chang passed away throughout filming back in 2016. He endured a stroke at the age of 49 in ~ the Pali Momi medical Center. He was a reoccurring character on the show from 2011 come 2015.

Besides being on Hawaii Five-0, the was also a film producer, which he used to present his link to Hawaii. He wrote, directed, and also produced an indie film about Hawaii, and a sequel.

His Five-0 household came the end on twitter to show their heartbreak because that the early on passing of the actor and also director. Daniel Dae Kim stated he will certainly be remembered most for his kindness, and Kelly Hu called him a “spreader the love”. These tweets present that even though he left in 2015, his duty on the present lived on despite his passing.

12 Alex O’ Loughlin"s addiction

Alex O'Laughlin in Hawaii Five-0
after ~ an injury, collection star Alex O’Loughlin occurred an addiction trouble to prescription meds. The seeks became poor enough the O’Loughlin had actually to miss filming.

His publicist put out a statement: "Alex is taking a quick break from Hawaii Five-0 to receive managed treatment for prescription ache medication because of a current shoulder injury."

According to O’Loughlin, among the stressors to be the reality that there to be violence - including gunshots, fist fights, and also explosions - indigenous the get-go. CBS seemed to assistance his decision to action down indigenous the show for a couple episodes to acquire help.

He to be away native the display for a couple months, however had his fans behind him and also soon was back, looking far better than ever.

A substantial pay gap that brought about the departure of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, two key actors ~ above the show. Kim, that played Chin Ho, wrote in a Facebook post he will “miss Chin Ho sincerely,” and also encouraged fans to look at “beyond the disappointment..

This was no a small pay gap they to be fighting over. The space was between 10 and also 15% that what Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan’s salaries were. This is a double whammy once you consider that Hawaii has actually a majority of asian heritage, and as such Asian depiction is incredibly vital on a show literally named after the state.

Considering both Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Kelly to be veteran actors and played their functions as lengthy as the other two actors, is what lock were questioning for really as well much?

10 Scott Caan’s injuries

It turns out even actors are breakable! In Scott Caan’s time filming Hawaii Five-0, he had actually a couple of injuries that had to it is in written into the show. The an initial was a knee injuru, for which he had to it is in flown ago into the mainland. However, CBS was clear – his injury didn"t happen on set. If he no miss any episodes, the injury had to it is in written right into a couple episodes.

This happened for the second time in 2017, when fans i found it Caan put on an arm brace. CBS put out a explain that claimed he had hurt self on his own and also it to be being written into the show.

While it"s an excellent that the present can realistically combine Caan"s injuries, fans continue to worry around him.

LOL I'm sorry, truth check. Having actually a Twitter acct. & composing "fanfic" does no make u a writer!! Don't quit ur day job, five wait.....right.

— Michelle Borth (

If yes sir one thing celebrities have to never do, that lash out against fans, and also if there’s a second thing – the lash out versus creativity! fans of tv shows, movies – anything, really – will frequently write fanfiction about it.

After enduring a many mistreatment from upset fans that didn"t choose her character, Michelle Borth, who played Lt. Catherine Rollins, took to Twitter to talk about her opinion that fanfiction. Together you have the right to see, it was less than positive. Many fanfiction writers responded to the tweet, saying that they did have jobs, and also were exceptionally successful, and used fanfiction writing to wind down.

It’s unclear regarding whether Michelle supposed fanfiction writing for the show, i m sorry is quite much complimentary reign, or fanfiction around the actresses and also actors themselves, i m sorry is viewed as an invasion of privacy.

8 Danny is lacking from episodes because that a reason

In 2016, Scott Caan’s personality Danny Williams started to be watched less and also less ~ above Five-0. The was sufficient that fans started to notice, and when pan inquired, it turned out that Caan himself was the one who asked because that less display time.

Caan lives in LA, quite than Hawaii, choose the rest of the cast. Caan’s family additionally lives in LA - he has actually a daughter that is 3 years old (born July 2014). It makes sense that he wants to use his an ext flexible schedule – in ~ the time, that had five fewer episodes less than O’Loughlin a season – to focus on his family.

He’s likewise written a play dubbed “The problem We Come From”, and also likely spending an ext time in LA can give him other work with Five-0 having actually to finish eventually.

Many Hawaii Five-0 fans can not know this, however James MacArthur, who was the original Danno in the original Five-0 was set to come back for the reboot. MacArthur had actually never let go of is love for the show, together he"d showed up in a pilot never ever aired native "97.

Sadly, he would never make it come the 2010 reboot. As the last surviving cast member the the original television show, MacArthur pass from “internal complications” at the period of 72. Not lot was said around his passing, yet many world would mental the legendary line "Book ‘em, Danno."

One of the executive producers of the new show said in a statement the he’d hoped to acquire MacArthur in as a cameo because the reboot started. However, the never pertained to pass.

6 Caan locations foot in mouth

In 2013, Scott Caan walk under the fire native the press once he go on Chelsea Lately. She request him around living in Hawaii and also he said he didn’t favor it due to the fact that there’s “a most ” and the food “sucks.”

He likewise told Handler that whatever was too tranquil for him and there to be "no hustle." Unfortunately, he had actually to eat his words, since the people in Hawaii were not serene in questioning him because that an apology for what he said about their state.

Caan sent out an e-mail addressing the public: "I am important sorry for my comments made top top ‘Chelsea Lately,’" Caan stated in his message. "Jokes are always a component of late night talk shows, yet I’m horrified if i hurt or offended anyone, as that was no my intention. Ns love Hawaii, ns love the world of Hawaii and I apologize."

Many people mourned the news that Alex O"Loughlin would depart Hawaii Five-0 ~ seaosn 8. However, he appeared adamant the it was time he left the show. He believes the there is still magic left in the show, and also if the stays, he"s concerned he would ruin it. If that might sound insane come fans, it’s a typical reason because that actors to leaving a present they’re well-known on, no matter how much castle love the role.

Another factor and, this is actually a bit sad, are the injuries he sustained while gift on Hawaii Five-0. He to be going ago and soon to California to fix difficulties that he had endured while ~ above the set. Apparently, he can’t also lift his children! He’s right now undergoing stem cell therapies so he have the right to pick up his youngsters again.

4 Daniel Dae Kim"s arrest

Many civilization will mental Daniel Dae Kim not just from Hawaii Five-O but also Lost, both outstandingly well-known television shows. During DDK"s time ~ above Lost, the got caught up through the police once he got caught driving under the influence. After ~ his DUI charge, he reached out to his fans, saying the he was "deeply ashamed" and "embarassed by the events".

“It is my intention come cooperate completely with the police and I am thankful to them for your sensitivity throughout this matter,” Kim adds. “To mine friends, family, colleagues and also fans, give thanks to you because that your sort words that support. Come those I have disappointed I can only ask that you accept my heartfelt apologies.”

Since Lost, Daniel Dae Kim hasn"t acquired in trouble through the police. Instead, he"s dealt with the problems of a pay gap since of his ethnicity, resulting in him to leave Hawaii Five-O.

Tom Sizemore is a name many world will remember from his role in Saving exclusive Ryan. The was increased to fame with his spectacular acting but quickly lost it once he started to dabble in substances. ~ trying to take it his life and ending increase in prison for residential violence, he told the AP he didn"t know what to do: "I looked favor I was 100 year old... I was living in squat."

However, every that has actually changed, thanks to Hawaii Five-O, which offered him a possibility to present the civilization what he can do. Five-O"s executive, management producer stated that Sizemore showed them that "you"re never ever too old to change" ~ Sizemore played Captain Vincent Fryer for 2 episodes in season two.

2 Why Masi Oka Left

so late last year, Hawaii Five-O lost another actor, Masi Oka, who played Max Bergman. If you"re wondering what do him decision to leave, there to be multiple factors. Very first and foremost, he thought that his character remained in a ar where really nothing else can happen.

Oka called TV Guide that as he started to think around Max, he also began to think around himself and also his life. After ~ deciding the living in Hawaii was acquiring hard as soon as his mom was having health worries in Los Angele, it became clear that 18 ring trips from Hawaii to LA too much. Once he establish he to be spending much more time in the air, he establish he had to leaving the show.

after leaving Hawaii Five-O for facility reasons, Daniel Dae Kim didn"t rest on his laurels. That went on to produce this TV season"s hit television show, The good Doctor! together an executive, management producer, he take it the south Korean show by the exact same name and also brought that to abc after CBS rejected it.

Daniel Dae Kim talks around the hurdles of make a television pilot, including getting a manuscript bought, then a pilot made, then going to series, and making sure people watch it. It"s definitely a daunting process, but Kim definitely did whatever he could and the show is a substantial success.

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