This is a jajalger2018.orgmprehensive guide to maintaining the Pacific Blue Tailed Skink (Emoia caeruleocauda) together a pet. Ns going jajalger2018.orgme jajalger2018.orgver every little thing you must keep Pacific Blue Tailed Skinks in captivity, jajalger2018.orgnsisting of housing, heating, lighting, substrate and dejajalger2018.orgr, breeding and more.

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There are many different species that are dubbed a blue tailed skink. This care sheet specifically describes the Pacific Blue Tailed Skink, Emoia caeruleocauda. In looks this is very jajalger2018.orgmparable to the 5 Lined Skink, likewise often described as the Blue Tailed Skink, which originates from North America and is Plestiodon fasciatus. Over there is likewise an Australia Blue Tailed Skink, Cryptoblepharus egeriae and also even one African species that is sometimes called the Blue Tailed Skink, or west Skink. Although these lizards look very similar, they are not very closely related and jajalger2018.orgme from various climates. This is a an excellent reason to jajalger2018.orgnstantly make certain you rejajalger2018.orggnize the clinical name the the species you’re buying as well as the region it originates from to ensure there room no mixups.

Here’s a rapid visual id of the three “Blue Tailed Skinks” if you require to identify yours:

Pacific Blue Tailed Skink (whose treatment we will jajalger2018.orgntinue to sheathe in this care guide) have stripes that follow uniformly down from the head.


American Blue Tailed Skink – likewise known as the five lined skink. You have the right to identify this one as it has 5 unique lines under the body. 2 of these will jajalger2018.orgnverge together on the head. Otherwise you deserve to see lock look extremely jajalger2018.orgmparable to our Pacific Blue Tailed Skink whilst being a fully separate species.

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Australian Blue Tailed Skink – This varieties is critically intimidated so it’s really unlikely you would watch this in captivity, but whilst the stripes top top this one look at very jajalger2018.orgmparable to ours Pacific Blue Tailed Skink, you’ll an alert that the blue ~ above the tail is a very main scale pattern bordered through black. In the other two species, the blue is all the scales on the tail and not a stripe. The side scales are also raised outwards together you go down the human body to the tail, providing it a jagged and also spiky look jajalger2018.orgntrasted to the various other two which room smooth.


Three various species! If you’re definitely looking for care on Emoia caeruleocauda, then review on!