Pigs space friendly mobs the wander around the world of Minecraft, searching for the next thing to oink at. Pigs are a great source that porkchops, i beg your pardon are great food items. To develop a stable supply the porkchops, you’ll need to start your very own pig farm, which needs you to feed them your favorite foods. Today, us are here to price the question: what carry out pigs eat in Minecraft?

What carry out Pigs Eat?

Pigs space generally discovered wandering aimlessly about grassy biomes. You’ll need to entice them earlier to your house with your favorite foodstuffs if you’re looking to start your very own pig farm.

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In Minecraft, pigs love come eat carrots, potatoes, and also beetroots. You should travel to a village or Dungeon in stimulate to discover your very first vegetables, or hope for a happy random drop indigenous zombies. You deserve to plant them straight in your very own farm when you have actually at least one vegetable.


Any the the three vegetables work-related for feeding pigs, however we recommend using beetroots. Carrots and potatoes have the right to be offered as a decent momentary food source, however beetroots room really only supplied for dye. Girlfriend can integrate six beetroots and also a bowl to do soup, however a single baked potato recovers just around as lot hunger together beetroot soup does.

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To feed a pig, merely hold any of the three vegetables in your hand and also then use it if looking in ~ the pig. Feeding a pig will placed them in “love mode,” indicated by the floating hearts above their head. If another pig nearby is additionally in love mode, the two pigs will breed and produce a baby pig!

Pigs cannot breed for one more five minute after they’ve made a baby. Infant pigs will follow their parents around, and also will grow up right into adult pigs after about 20 minutes pass. You can additionally feed baby pigs the very same vegetables to speed up their development time.

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And that covers all the foods that pigs love come eat in Minecraft. If friend have any other inquiries or tips, allow us understand in the comments below!

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