Say what girlfriend will around the harshness the Michigan’s winters, but at the very least they deserve to be beautiful. The pale evening sky lit in hues that violet and also ghostly blue… tree branches kissed through the gossamer gloss of new frost… fresh fallen snow blanketing the earth in forgetful snow, perfect and also un-bespoiled… hundreds of tiny, perfectly spherical pellets of poop spanning your yard–wait a minute!

Rabbits are active year-round, however chances space you tend to notification them a lot much more this time that year. For obvious reasons. Not only are these tiny poo-machines on your lawn gross and annoying, lock can additionally be destructive.

Here’s every little thing you have to know about what those rascally rabbits space up come this winter. Discover what lock want and also why that a problem, and you’ll be prepared to store them away.

What lock Want


Rabbits don’t hibernate in the winter, which method they proactively seek food sources all season long. Unlike most winter invaders, hare are mostly content outside. Rabbits generally feed on grass and also other ground level plants. After eye falls, however, they regularly can’t accessibility the grass they’d normally rely on. Come survive, they have to obtain a small less picky and a lot an ext creative.

If you have rabbits around your yard this winter, the probably since they’ve uncovered a good food source nearby. For many homes, these food resources are irpari ornamental plants that space tall enough to continue to be visible even after snowfall. Hostas, burning bush plants, high shrubs, twigs, bark, and also tree sprout all attract hungry bunnies.


Food no the just thing a rabbit has to be an especially concerned about during winter. The loss of vegetation density way predators have the right to spot their food much an ext easily. Since they don’t hibernate favor some Michigan winter wildlife does, rabbits must discover places wherein they deserve to both eat and hide from predators.

During winter, rabbits look for areas where they deserve to eat without gift harassed. They’re in search of thick bushes, evergreen trees, heavy fences, and pretty lot anything rather predators can’t view through. Sheathe doesn’t lure rabbits the way food does, yet it’s a definite secondary consideration. If your home offers a ar to eat and also hide, possibilities are the little bush tails will display up in force.

Why lock a Problem

A rabbit eat a lot. Feeding rabbits deserve to strip bark from trees, de-bud or de-leaf plants, and also even gnaw bushes under to your roots. Unfortunately, they ramp up their feeding on shrubs and other tree at one inconvenient time. Winter is just as tough on plants as it is on every little thing else. When rabbits eat, they often “clip” stems off of plants like, fruit trees, conifers, and also other shrubs. Without stems, that more an overwhelming for tree to absorb the power they need to keep making it through and, eventually, growing.

When rabbits shot to acquire at food or shelter, they have the right to burrow through snow or gnaw away at structures. There’s likewise the… “waste” issue. You most likely don’t like seeing the thousand-odd rabbit pellets left scattered almost everywhere your backyard. That gross, smelly, and also dirty, specifically come feather thaw.

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What You deserve to Do

Besides calling your favorite residential pest control experts in Michigan, there are a few steps you can take to minimize rabbit brigade filling her yard with land mines. And also if you’re traveling for the holidays, make sure you insect proof her home prior to you leave.

Installing a fence around your whole backyard may seem prefer the evident answer, however fences have their drawbacks. First of all, rabbits space quite great at squeezing beneath traditional yard fences. Second, fences might actually entice rabbits trying to find shelter native predators. If you have actually a rabbit problem, we recommend selective fencing, whether or no you currently have a backyard fence.

Build or download wire-mesh fencing around any type of plants friend think may be fragile to hare feeding. Make certain your fences prolong down to the yes, really ground, since rabbits can quickly burrow through snow. You should also consider clearing fallen twigs and also branches from her yard typically over the winter. Collecting clutter like this can help make her yard less interesting to hungry rabbits. Trimming her ornamental shrubs in winter can assist deprive wildlife of the house they’re passionate to find, too. Simply make certain you don’t acquire so zealous the you damage your breakable plants the means the rabbit might!

We get that you more than likely don’t think of rabbits as pests. They’re not trying to obtain into her house, they can’t hurt you, and they’re simply so darn cute! you’d be surprised what a pain rabbits deserve to be during the winter. Beyond making your yard look at bad, they can ruin your plants or even make her pets sick.

Don’t worry about the rabbits; humane exclusionary actions like fences i will not ~ hurt them. And also they’ll be able to find food elsewhere–trust us.

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If girlfriend have any questions about wildlife or any kind of other pest problem this winter, offer Griffin a call any kind of time. We’ll assist you attend to the negative parts that winter, for this reason you have the right to get ago to recognize the great stuff.