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Rocky hill Oysters: Let’s talk around them.

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This cooking anomaly is a source of contempt for also the many adventurous eaters. Those who recognize what they are most likely need to hold earlier a gag reflex anytime the hatchet is carried up. Those who don’t space in for a rude awakening. Rocky hill oysters have no relation to that is namesake bivalve. Most often, rocky mountain oysters started life hanging under from the underside that a bull. They’re the testicles, folks.

Also recognized as lamb fries, bull fries and also cowboy caviar, this testicular delicacy is well-known in Colorado and also other parts of the American southwest. Ranchers castrate young bulls, this renders the animal less most likely to damaged other pets or the rancher himself. The result is a huge pile the gonads that would otherwise be put to waste.

To prepare them for frying, they space often, and there is no way for me to sugarcoat this, peeled, sliced and pounded thin prior to being breaded and deep fried. Smaller calves testicles deserve to be fried whole.

For reasons that i cannot fairly determine, these have been on mine bucket list for a while. Ns did a an extensive google find of brand-new England restaurants that offer them, and also I could find simply one. The Hungry Buffalo in Loudon, NH is a tavern that’s well-known for carrying unique proteins. Wild burgers, fried alligator bites, roasted quail; all room available.

Image Credit: Nicholas VonSchantz-Ricci

The breading, while not audibly crisp, still had actually a nice little of crunch, i beg your pardon contrasts nicely with the tender and meaty interior. Also, the slices are rather small, making them very popable. They occupational really well as a pre-meal snack for a group of people.

It may be hard to believe, but the structure of rocky mountain oysters is a selling point. Therefore, they earn an 8/10.


In enhancement to the deep-fry treatment, rocky hill oysters have the right to be grilled or sautéed. However, these techniques are harder come find and also frying castle is the wanted cooking an approach if you desire to shot to forget what you’re eating.

The little strips that ns ate in ~ Hungry Buffalo would certainly work tremendously piled onto a baguette with lettuce, tomato and also spicy mayo. A Po-bollick, if girlfriend will.

If you perform opt for a healthier coking method, then rocky hill oysters deserve to be part of a healthy and balanced diet. Follow to Thrillist, gonads room a great source that protein and also many vitamins and also minerals.

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Image Credit: Nicholas VonSchantz-Ricci

Still, they’re hard to uncover raw and also any method besides deep-fried, particularly in this component of the country. Flexibility gets a 6.5/10.

Overall Enjoyment

There to be nothing an especially off-putting around these testicles. Actually mustering up the bravery to shot them is the key hurdle, however once stated hurdle has been cleared, you’ll be left with a tasty eat experience and also bragging rights.

The vital to enjoying this is merely not thinking about what it is you’re eating. Conversely, you have the right to just accept that buffalo balls room delicious and move on.

The folks at Hungry Buffalo perform a nice job with this organ. It might sound nuts, but a buffalo’s nuts do for some an excellent eating if you provide them a chance. Alright, the was the critical testicle joke. We’re done here. 7.5/10

Total Score: 29/40