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Skunk Baits

Baiting a live skunk trap requires more than just selecting the right bait - appropriate baiting method is an essential to effectively capturing a skunk. In enhancement to skunk bait suggestions, this page provides instructions on exactly how to bait a skunk trap as well as expert tips to assist make her trapping suffer a success.

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Best Skunk Baits

Although skunks are recognized to eat opportunistically, castle are most attracted to oily, meat-based baits like fish and also chicken. They have actually a strong sense the smell, for this reason anything particularly smelly works ideal - also peanut butter has been proven to attract in skunks.

Favorite skunk baits include:


How come Bait a Skunk Trap

While selecting a skunk bait have the right to be fairly simple task, positioning the bait to facilitate a record takes strategy. Correctly placing your bait is vital to the success of trapping a skunk.

The finest bait location will:

command the skunk every the way inside the trap (body and tail). Motivate the skunk to action on the trigger plate. Take into consideration the trap style (1-door vs. 2-door):
1-DOOR trap - position bait in the END

When utilizing a 1-door trap, place the bait beyond the create plate, towards the ago of the trap. Place it as far from the trap wall surfaces as feasible to inhibit an pet from stealing that from the outside.

2-DOOR trap - position bait in the CENTER

When using a 2-door trap, it"s essential to ar the bait as close come the facility of the trap as possible. Because that example, you deserve to place bait straight on the trigger, ask it in the ground underneath the plate/trap or hang it indigenous the height of her trap.

Expert Baiting Tips

Prevent pets from knocking over her trap by place a brick or weight on top of it together an anchor. Lure your skunk from a distance and also give that a taste the what"s inside the catch by producing a bait follow leading towards the trap. Be careful not to usage too much bait outside of the trap so that your skunk doesn"t fill up prior to reaching the trigger plate.

Professional Advice ~ above Baiting an animal Trap

Our friend and also® supporter, Billy the Exterminator, speak baiting traps.

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Ultimate Skunk Protection

Now the you’ve trapped her skunk, usage a repellent to prevent skunks from comes back. Making use of a mix of® traps and repellents provides you the maximum defense you have to keep your yard totally free of pet intruders.