Considering a Yellow-bellied slider for a pet? This overview will teach you the basics the the types as well as how to care for a yellow-bellied slider.

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You’ll learn:How big do yellow-bellied sliders get?How long do they live?Are they great pets?What sort of treatment do they require?


Yellow-bellied sliders (YBS) are an additional popular option for turtles together pets and also are known for their distinctive yellow markings on their underside and shells. They deserve to live between 30-40 years in captivity and are moderately simple to treatment for. Usually, with turtles, it’s your tank that will need a lot of maintenance. These room related closely to red-eared sliders and will need huge tanks as adult as castle can grow from 8-12 inches lengthy on average.
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Species Overview

Scientific nameTrachemys scripta scriptaCommon nameYellow-bellied slider, yellow-bellied terrapin, YBSAdult sizeUp to 9 inches for males and 13 inches for femalesDistinguishing marksBrown or greenish-black shells through yellow stripes on their shells with a yellow underbelly (plastron/lower shell) through black spots.DistributionNorth America, an ext commonly uncovered in the Southeastern united state (Florida and Virginia)HabitatThese turtles are uncovered in freshwater habitats such as lakes, ponds, streams, and also rivers

What carry out They look at Like?

Yellow-bellied sliders are known for your olive environment-friendly colored shells with distinct yellow stripes and a yellow underbelly (plastron) with black spots.

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How long Do they Live?

These tortoise are long time pets due to the fact that they can live native 30-40 years in captivity, if effectively cared for.

How large Do they Get?

Adult males median from 5-9 inches long while adult females average from 8-13 inch long.