The giant panda resides in bamboo woodlands in central China, and also the red panda resides in high mountain woodlands in China, Myanmar, and also Nepal, follow to the Encyclopædia Britannica.

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Giant panda cubs born in 2018 eat and play during a team birthday celebration at Shenshuping panda base in Wolong, Sichuan province, ChinaCredit: Reuters

What is a group of pandas called?

There space a few different names because that a team of pandas - including an embarrassment.

They can additionally be dubbed a bamboo that pandas and a cupboard of pandas, follow to one website.

Giant pandas frequently live alone, according to Britannica.

"They spend many of your time top top the ground, however they can also climb trees," follow to the referral guide.


This picture taken ~ above June 13, 2019 reflects panda cubs eat in the Shenshuping panda base of the Wolong nationwide Nature reserve in Wenchuan, China's southwestern Sichuan provinceCredit: AFP or licensors

"They eat greatly bamboo. Wild pandas invest up come 16 hours each work eating as much as 40 pounds the bamboo.

"In zoos they also eat grains, fruits, and vegetables."

As few as 1,800 huge pandas live in their aboriginal habitat, while an additional 600 pandas live in zoos and also breeding centers, according to the Smithsonian's national Zoo and also Conservation biology Institute.

Giant panda quadruplets, additionally in ChinaCredit: Splash News

"Ever due to the fact that these charismatic bears arrived on the Zoo in 1972, pet care staff and also scientists have actually studied huge panda biology, behavior, breeding, reproduction and disease," follow to the zoo.

"These professionals are also leading ecology studies in huge pandas' indigenous habitat.

"The Zoo's gigantic panda team works very closely with colleagues in China to development conservation efforts approximately the world."

Red pandas, top top the various other hand, take trip in bag or tiny family groups, according to Britannica.

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"They feeding on the ground at night. Throughout the work they sleep in trees."

The nationwide Zoo in Washington reopened on might 21 after ~ the continuous coronavirus pandemic forced its closure.

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