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Is there any website, chart or something the I might find the depicts exactly how much a thing weighs, what that amount looks like and also how lot calories the has?



A website or diagram because that ingredient amounts would need to be too exhaustive. Simply take your items and also measure them.

Your location asked about grams, i m sorry is a measure up of weight, so get a kitchen scale. If her recipe asks for milliliters, usage a measure up cup. Much more often than not, friend won"t have the ability to just eyeball an amount, particularly if baking a cake.

For calorie info, a fast search virtual will display databases that nutrition for assorted foods, however you"ll need to measure ingredients to match up v their amounts. Because that example, 100 g the almond flour could have 144 calories, but you"re baking with 250 g.


The quick answer is to use some scales. However, from your inquiry it seems likely that girlfriend don"t have any type of to hand.

It relies on the density of the problem in question.

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If the problem is mainly water (e.g. Juice or milk), then you have the right to approximate its thickness to be the of water, which way that you can gain a great idea that its weight by measure its volume. For instance if you have the right to measure 100 ml of that in a measure jug, climate you deserve to be reasonably sure the weighs around 100 g.


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