1. Merkins

Other than being a funny word come say, a merkin is a pubic wig from middle ages times. Follow to The Guardian, pubic lice -- a.k.a. A complete nightmare -- ruined women in 1450, forcing them come don fake hair down there. Prostitute would additionally use the wig come cover evidence of sexually sent diseases.But these days, part actors and also actresses have worn a merkin for a various reason entirely. Specific directors have requested merkins come be provided in sex scenes. According to The daily Beast, Kate Winslet wore one in The Reader, and also one was supplied in Love and Other Drugs.

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2. Modesty pouches

In the climax of a sex scene, it"s hard to think what"s happening is most most likely fake. We deserve to thank modesty pouches, likewise known not-so-modestly as "cock socks." The masculine actor wraps his vul in a fabric pouch shaped like, well, a sock. This way, privates room covered for public filming. Follow to True Blood"s Anna Paquin, occasionally they"re also tied with a bow.

3. Flesh-toned undergarments

Similar skimpy cover-ups are supplied for their female counterparts. Paquin disclosed that she wears, or an ext accurately, tapes a tan thong v the sides reduced off (does this remind anyone of cutting out snowflakes in paper?). Cameras space angled just right, so every little thing looks seamless and steamy. Men have the right to wear comparable discreet bottoms together well, a Reddit AMA through an assistant art director reveals.

4. Pasties

The pasty, or a small patch that covers the nipple, first appeared roughly the 1920s, worn by cabaret and burlesque dancers. However now actresses generally wear pasties come cover your nipples while offering the illusion of an entire breast. And if you"re Kate Mara from House of Cards, the pasties could even jokingly attribute Kevin Spacey"s face, she said Playboy throughout an interview.

5. Exercise balls

According come an interview through actor, writer and director man Turturro, if directing his 2005 film Romance and also Cigarettes, he had actually Kate Winslet sit top top a little exercise round in order come simulate sex through her on top.Near the finish of filming, she in reality slipped turn off the practice ball and also landed ~ above a prop guy. Ouch.

6. Prosthetic genitalia

Yes, there are body doubles à la Love Actually, however sometimes what you"re seeing doesn"t also belong to a real human. That"s appropriate -- prosthetic genitalia. Follow to The Guardian, silicone pieces were fitted to gibbs in movies with an ext racy sex scenes, like Blue is the Warmest Color and Nymphomaniac.

7. Expression pads

HBO"s Girls is far from shy when it concerns explicit sex scenes. But in Season 4, actress Allison Williams was shown in a scene of anilingus. Other than strangely reduced Spanx, Williams said Entertainment Weekly the a menstrual pad was videotaped to the earlier in order come cover it s her and administer actor Ebon Moss-Bachrach through a place for his face.

8. Rosewater and glycerin spray

Other 보다 actors, well, acting, occasionally sex scenes space convincing since of the tiny details, like the sweat on your bodies.According to The Independent, actors" torsos are sprayed v a rosewater and glycerin spray in in between takes come mimic glistening sex sweat. The moisturizer is known for adding an oily layer to the skin.Well, lights, camera, action.
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