Today, a 29-year-old male remembers what it felt prefer to touch a woman's breasts because that the very very first time...

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Today, a 29-year-old man remembers what it felt prefer to touch a woman's breasts because that the very first time...

Here's his sweet story:

The an initial time a man touches breasts is a really important event in his life, prefer his an initial professional baseball video game or his Bar Mitzvah.

I was 15 year old as soon as I an initial felt a woman's breast. Together a freshman in high school, I had been dating T., who was 14, because that a couple of weeks. We had made the end a few times, and also the chemistry was building.

One Friday, after a study team at a friend's house, T. And also I went to my mom's house. It to be springtime, and also I quiet remember that T. Was wearing a cotton tank top and also denim cut-offs. Perfect flimsy and also inviting. My mom wouldn't gain home from work-related until late. The location was dim and quiet; perfect because that the solemn and powerful event the was about to take place.

We began making the end on the sofa in the living room, and feeling the I had to "be cool," choose I'd "been there before," I got to out and placed mine hand steady on a breast and also gave that a small squeeze like I to be gauging the ripeness of one avocado. This call was, that course, hugely thrilling, however I was currently craving more.

After a little of time groping her over the shirts -- I want to it is in romantic, after all, and take mine time -- i let my hand float down to T.'s midsection, landing it in ~ the bottom of her tank peak with a tentative trust that i can finest liken to Captain Sullenberger landing trip 1529 in the Hudson River. Having made a soft landing, I slid my hand up her shirt. In my mind, i could virtually hear a rousing rendition the "We room the Champions!"

T. Happened to have pretty huge breasts, but that wasn't important. What was vital was that ns was lastly feeling those person mounds that flesh that I had actually stared at and also thought about for for this reason long. T. Was wearing a an easy cotton bra, and I got breast, then both breasts. Then i cupped breast, climate cupped breasts, i squeezed finger under the bra come graze nipple. Having actually grazed nipple, i became more daring and also pinched nipple!

I think that's the crucial to the story. Deliberately, i made certain to cop every feel, make every grab, pinch every area, that i had always dreamed of. The night, there were two breasts that I had actually license to feel, and also I to be gonna make the many of it! i think when girls get felt up by a boy that is doing it because that the an initial time, they're basically gaining a chest exam the likes and also care that which lock will never experience from any kind of doctor. They are receiving the full treatment of someone who has never wanted anything much more than to feel EVERY component of those breasts.

Meanwhile, i was kissing T. As softly as I could, and also of course, every few moments, my mind stopped to think, "Yes! girlfriend are emotional a breast! This ROCKS!" spring back, ns wonder why i didn't try to background up her shirt and also actually look at her breasts. Yet I think, if that had happened, my youth mind could have exploded.

From that night forth, breasts were no much longer these international bodies I saw every day but had no familiarity with. The emotion of your flesh to be emblazoned in my memory, and like the Bar Mitzvah bringing me into Jewish adulthood, as soon as I was there, over there would never ever be any going back.

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Oh mine goodness, isn't the adorable?! Guys can be so cute! execute you remember as soon as a guy felt girlfriend up for the very first time? How around your an initial kiss? And very first time going all the way? xo

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