A yellow painted curb means nothing at all in NYC parking ticket land

Football is back, and also yellow punish flags will certainly be flying. A yellow map is elevated by a football referee to cite a player for poor behavior. A yellow website traffic light way caution. Yet in the wacky human being of NYC parking tickets, a yellow curb method absolutely, positively nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero.

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Your fail to memorize this mantra will expense you the price that a NYC parking ticket.

Where walk the control public look at for coherent yellow painted curbs?

I receive emails, calls, and also comments from our wonderful friends complaining there to be no yellow curb come designate 15 feet indigenous a fire hydrant (There will certainly never, ever before be 15 feet that yellow curb to show 15 feet from the pump).

How around a bus avoid zone? A bus protect against zone starts indigenous the bus prevent sign and extends in the direction that the arrow(s) until the next parking sign; or the finish of the block. (There will never, ever be a yellow painted curb to designate the size of a bus prevent zone).

All various other parking signs…There will certainly never, ever before be a yellow curb come tell friend the length or direction the a no standing, no parking, or no any kind of thing zone.

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lena says

December 11, 2015 in ~ 3:31 pm

Then why bother using the taxpayers’ money to put yellow makings in at all if not for the objective of deceiving the public.


Lawrence Berezin says

December 12, 2015 in ~ 8:46 am

Lena,Good morning.I hear you and also I’m wit chu.Let’s debunk a myth about yellow markings top top the curb. They median nothing, nada, zero as soon as it comes to parking rules. If you uncover yellow repaint on a curb, it wasn’t placed there through the Evil realm or period for parking purposes.BestLarry


Stephanie says

June 5, 2019 at 12:18 pm

What execute yellow diagonal lines mean? there is signs that state “No parking student Drop off and also Pick Up only 7am – 3:30pm however the police department keeps informing us yellow barred present is what they speak to them, means absolutely no parking ever. Very confusing