Mercedes-Benz has enriched the auto industry v so countless fine specimens. Because the beginning of that is journey, there have been countless occasions once the brand has actually surpassed its standards by launching something an ext innovative 보다 all the ahead models. A prime example of Mercedes-Benz’s commitment come excellence can be discovered within that is AMG division. But, what walk AMG mean in Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes-AMG models productivity a high-powered performance. They are the favorites come those who choose to feel the engine strength beneath your wheels. Keep analysis to understand what go AMG mean on Mercedes and also what does AMG was standing for.

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1. What does AMG average in Mercedes Benz?

If your vehicle has an AMG badge, be sure that you space driving one fine specimen of an automobile. The badge does not execute anything ~ above its own, as expected, other than for adding a tad flair come the overall great look the the car. The three-lettered argorial signifies the Mercedes-AMG GmbH, the tuning division of Mercedes-Benz, is the manufacturer the the car.

Mercedes AMG GT C Edition. Source: Mercedes Benz

All the top-tier automakers have actually an in-house tuning department that supervises the manufacturing and tuning processes of the that company top-notch models.

AMG and also Mercedes-Benz to be two various companies. However, Mercedes-Benz later got AMG, and also the latter started designing their top-performance cars. Currently, AMG is a subsidiary the the German automobile company.

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2. What go AMG stand for in Mercedes Benz?

Now, you have actually a clean idea about the high-performance division, yet what walk AMG typical on Mercedes? What do the letter stand for?

There are number of misconceptions about the exactly acronymic Mercedes AMG meaning. The many common presumption is it stands for “Affalterbach engine Group” where Affalterbach is the residence to AMG headquarter. It also does not average “Absolute machine Geeks”, “Advanced mechanically Gurus”, or any kind of other phrases that represent these three letters.

AMG actually stands for – “Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach”. The is the shortened form of Hans Werner Aufrect (A) and also Erhard Melcher (M) – the co-founder of the agency – and also Großaspach (G), a town in Germany whereby Aufrect to be born. The name actually pays tribute come the company’s founders.

AMG is an independent department of Mercedes-Benz. It devises the blueprint of every AMG vehicles and manufactures them. The engines of these cars are hand built, adhering to the famed Mercedes-Benz philosophy – one man, one engine. Each engine coming out of the AMG workshop has an engraved plaque featuring the unique brand signature.

The AMG argorial is engraved on the back. Source: Mercedes Benz

What does AMG mean on Mercedes cannot be defined just by informing the acronymic definition. These three letters are equal come premium-quality, finesse, and excellence. It invokes the memories of to win in vintage grand Prix races because that scores that racing auto fans roughly the world.

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3. The background of Mercedes-Benz AMG

You understand what go AMG mean in Mercedes Benz, but what is your story? how did they start their journey and became a prestigious department in a world-known automaker company?

AMG started its epic journey together an independent tune-up shop devoted in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The German automaker acquired it and also transformed it right into a high-performance subsidiary through their own engine manufacturing shop. The acquisition occurred in 1967 however the full-acquisition did not take location until 2005.

People in the United claims did no know about these racing beauties for countless years after the acquisition. Mercedes-Benz presented the AMG vehicles in the U.S. Industry in 1993 v the C36 AMZ.

Aufrecht and Melcher started the company with the score of production race engines. Mercedes-Benz assisted their dream come come true and also the sole emphasis of the Mercedes-AMG participation was to produce cars that show amplified stability and also excellent taking care of while running on a powerful racing engine.

AMG focuses on creating performance-driven cars. Source: Mercedes Benz

You can consider the AMZ vehicles as greater trims the Mercedes models. As a matter of fact, they space specially designed and also tuned for providing extra power. The brand’s engineering team builds the engines by hands v extra treatment and good efforts.

AMG cars are sportier and more stylish 보다 non-AMGs. Source: Mercedes Benz

What go AMZ average in Mercedes Benz cars and also what provides them different from trim currently of various other brands? constructed by a single builder, every AMZ vehicle comes through a broad variety of performance an enhancing components consisting of hydraulic steering, larger wheels, stiffer suspension, and more. These feature gorgeous aesthetics and extra-sporty handling. They additionally have much more carbon fiber in your body and parts the keeps the as whole weight reduced than other models and boosts the power by fairly a margin.

It is well-known that what go AMG mean in Mercedes Benz dare is that it is the sportier sport of its base model. The car enthusiasts throughout the people who have a hunger for suffering race-like speed and performance on the streets likewise know this. For this reason, over there is together a high need for these vehicles.

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AMG’s original emphasis was to create some pure sporting activities breeds for performance lovers and also adrenaline junkies. The brand arguably reached its peak with the manufacturing of the normally Aspirated V8s special a 6.2L engine in the late 2000s. But, it take it a rather commercial turn because then and started manufacturing much more models v the AMG badge.