Habitat demands

Learn just how a habitat satisfies the an easy needs that must be met because that an pet to survive.

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1. Learn around habitats.A habitat is the place or environment where a tree or pet naturally or generally lives and grows. Think about what makes up a habitat. It includes water, air, trees, rain, snow, and sand. Can you think of other examples? earth has numerous habitats and each form of habitat is unique. Oceans, forests, deserts, tundra, rivers, lakes, and wetlands are all habitats. What are various other examples? even under water, there can be habitats such as shallow-water or deep-water zones. A mix of countless things—including temperature, soil, obtainable food, rainfall, and geographic location—create a habitat.2. Ask yourself what pets need from a habitat.There room four straightforward survival demands that all animals require from their habitat. What perform you think castle are? Hint: Think about what things are crucial for your survival. 3. Read around an instance of an animal in its habitat.Here’s one example of an animal in that is habitat and what it needs to survive. Deserve to you think of more?Animal: salt water crocodileHabitat: coastal marshes, estuaries, and shallow maritime watersThis animal"s simple survival demands include:

food—carnivorous (eats meat), including fish, birds, reptiles, and also mammalsshelter indigenous weather and predators—have camouflage and also can submerge for lengthy periods that timewater—provided through diet and from freshwater sourcesa ar to advanced young—female prepares and guards a swarm until the young hatch and also are released


4. Brainstorm and draw your own example.

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Give her own example of an pet in that habitat and what it requirements to survive. First, think around animals girlfriend are acquainted with, such together dogs, cats, hamsters, and also birds. For each pet you think of, answer the following questions:

What is the animal?What is the habitat?What go it need to survive?

Draw a photo of an pet in that is habitat, with the things it needs to survive.