Also recognized as blue-belly since of the blue shade on the neck and also underside, a west fence lizard can make a really good pet. However, before getting one, go v this write-up to get some tips on the lifespan, habitat, and care the a blue-belly lizard.

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These lizards are fossorial by nature, meaning they love come dig and also bury us while sleeping. Because that this purpose, you have the right to fill the tank through substrate such as sand, unfertilized soil, dirt, or cypress mulch. The is mandatory to placed twigs or branches inside the tank, together these varieties love come climb. Alternatively, you have the right to put live tree to preserve the humidity in the enclosure.


These lizards room fossorial by nature, meaning they love to dig and bury us while sleeping. Because that this purpose, you deserve to fill the tank with substrate such as sand, unfertilized soil, dirt, or cypress mulch. It is causing obligation to put twigs or branches within the tank, as these species love to climb. Alternatively, you have the right to put live tree to keep the humidity in the enclosure.


Clean the tank every two to three weeks to alleviate smell and also dirt. The cypress mulch must be changed every week, additionally dead plants and also leaves, if any, must be removed. Carry your pet in one more aquarium or any type of place safe while friend clean their enclosure. Replace the water everyday as your blue belly might defecate in it, which can cause condition and infections. Also, make it a habit to mist the cage regularly, preferably twice a day.

Room Sharing

If friend have much more than one blue bellies, avoid housing two males together, together they are known to fiercely guard your territory, i beg your pardon may lead to fights and injuries. So, location male lizards separately, in an additional enclosure. Depending on the dimension of the tank, you deserve to place 2 mrs lizards, through one male. A 20-gallon tank can conveniently support them, over there are noticeable chances the they will breed in captivity, therefore make certain there is ample room in the enclosure for the female come lay eggs.

A west fence in camouflage




Initially, friend can try to experiment through the temperature inside the enclosure to examine or decision a comfortable atmosphere for them. The basking spot must be 90 levels F, other than that, the remainder of the enclosure have the right to be in ~ 75 come 85 degrees F. They are cold-blooded reptiles, and also a lack of warmth makes lock slow and also inactive. An ideal temperature for nighttime is 62 degrees, come ensure the climate remains warm, it is important to switch turn off the lights for 9 to 11 hours. This ensures that the temperature in the enclosure will remain warm and also cozy because that them.


In the wild, this lizards prefer small invertebrates prefer beetles, spiders, and flies. They even love come eat small lizards. However, in captivity, they deserve to be fed crickets, ants, spiders, favor black widow, wolf spiders, etc. Friend can even feed them enjoy the meal worms, wax worms, earthworms, occasionally. Baby lizards room to be fed an extremely tiny crickets and also ants. A piece of advice, don’t feed them anything that is longer than the an are between their eyes, the may cause a choke hazard. Don’t feed your lizard everyday, 3 or 4 time a week is sufficient. Once you feeding them, step away from the enclosure, together initially, castle won’t be comfortable eat in your presence. Castle need accessibility to fresh water daily, certain the water container walk not have sharp edges. Wild blue bellies space not acquainted to water dishes, and also they choose drinking water droplets. For this reason a good option is come spray water in the enclosure everyday, to keep them adequately hydrated.


Calcium complement is essential for lizards, particularly for pets. Friend can acquire calcium flour from a pets store. Simply sprinkle a small amount of calcium powder on crickets, ants, or everything insect you are feeding them. But read the manufacturer’s instruction concerning supplements very closely to certain you provide the exactly dosage.


Blue bellies can be very possessive about their territory, 2 males, if hosted in one enclosure, will certainly fight for their territory. They have tendency to do rapid pushups or an up and down activity to flaunt their blue bellies to various other males, and of course, to lure females. Generally, they room not wild in nature, except when it concerns marking their territory. They space pretty docile and hardy in nature, yet they require their hiding place, or you have the right to say alone time. They are mostly energetic during the day.


As discussed above, to entice females, males carry out pushups and also show their blue bellies, females usually stay hidden, yet when lock are ready to mate, lock appear. When the eggs space laid, females ask them under moist soil, and also guard them. Often, they execute not require aid from their masculine counterparts. Clutch size varies from 3 to seventeen, frequently a mrs lays 8 eggs. Feather time is adjustment season, and the eggs hatch at some point in August. They stick to reproduction only during spring, and also do no breed until the following spring. The dimension of juveniles is around 26 millimeter at birth.

Difference in between Males and also Females

Male lizards have actually prominent blue-green colored bellies, which occasionally extends up to their tails. The females have either an extremely light or faint blue color, or some execute not have color at all. So, the next time girlfriend spot a lizard with a bright blue tummy, rest assured, it’s a male western fence lizard.


In the wild, their lifespan is short, because they room preyed top top by countless animals, and also they have actually the habit that basking at elevated places which makes them an ext vulnerable. However, if you administer ample food and also water, lighting and also heating, ideal habitat, this hardy reptiles might live as much as 5 years or more.

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Western fence lizards are low maintenance, and they make fairly active pets. A wild lizard may require some time and patience to obtain used to your touch and presence. Many importantly, if you have the enthusiasm and also time to treatment for it, then walk ahead and also get one together a pet.