Most human being would pick a typical pet, choose a puppy or a cat, end the unconventional an option of a reptile. Yet if friend are among the select couple of who room passionate about reptile pets, the blue-tailed skink is the perfect choice. reveals some interesting facts around the blue-tailed skink lizard.

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Red coloration on chin and jaw of masculine skink throughout mating season.

The blue-tailed skink is a smooth and slender types of lizards that can prosper up to a maximum length of around 20 cm. They have actually a brown-black coloring v yellow stripes vertically across their body spanning from their snout all the means till the end of the tail. The tails are bright blue in color. The coloration on these lizards undergoes alters as castle mature right into adults. In case of females, the contrast of the body color decreases, and also the tail transforms from glowing blue come grayish blue. In the case of males, the upright stripes fade away leaving a brownish body and also tail color. Throughout mating, the males construct an orange-red shade on the head and also neck region.

Tip: While your bright blue tails and also yellow vertical stripes space indication enough, this lizards can also be figured out by the heat of tiny scales about the center of their body and also under the tail.

Habitat and Location

Their preferred selection of habitat is a rocky terrain through a little of shrub cover. This form of habitat provides the lizards v plenty the food resource and hiding places. Their habitats usually likewise include free sunlit spaces wherein they have the right to bask in the sunshine to boost their human body temperature. They also prefer habitats that have rotting wood because of the variety of insects it attracts.

Tip 1: While setting up a container because that the blue-tailed skink, make sure it is placed in a well-lit location.

Tip 2: Make certain that the container can be locked so as to prevent the to escape of lizards.

Tip 3: Cover half the tank floor through moss or various other such tree material and the other half with a shallow water swimming pool encircled through sand. The water should have actually a great filtering mechanism.

Tip 4: Alternatively, sticks, flowers, and wood have the right to be included to the moss-covered area to provide the lizards miscellaneous to rise onto. Or hills deserve to be developed by laying the moss in layers.

Tip 5: shot putting 2 – 3 skinks together. If they live in harmony, girlfriend can shot adding more. However in situation they turn aggressive, separate them as soon as possible.


They space foragers who mainly feed on insects such as ants, spiders, grasshoppers, flies, caterpillars, snails, crickets, worms, beetles, and even small mice.

Tip: feed the lizards food depending on their size. Younger and also smaller lizards deserve to be fed ants, worms, centipedes, and flies, whereas the adult, bigger lizards can be fed spiders, grasshoppers, and also beetles.

Tip 2: feeding only sufficient quantities that can be consumed within a couple of minutes. Do not overfeed.

Life Cycle and also Reproduction

During the adjustment season about April-May, the males build a red coloration on your chins and jaws, and likewise their heads appear broader. The males depend on chemical cues to recognize receptive females. Once a mrs is identified, the male philosophies her indigenous the sides and also then clasps her jaws about her neck. Making use of the tails, the masculine aligns that is cloacal openings and also initiates copulation that usually lasts for roughly 4 – 10 minutes. The lizards room oviparous, i.e., egg-laying animals, and also the eggs are fertilized internally during mating.

The females kind a swarm by burrowing close to locations with high soil moisture and with abundant food source. The females lays 15 to 18 thin, breakable eggs in ~ a time. The eggs range from being spherical come oval and are around 1 – 2 centimeter in length. The size and color that the eggs readjust over time due to contact with the surroundings. The size boosts by soaking up the soil moisture, and the color transforms from white come a tan color due come its call with the soil and also the nest. The eggs deserve to take indigenous 20 – 60 days to hatch relying on the eco-friendly temperature. The colder it is, the an ext time the eggs will require to hatch. The woman mothers screen a defensive brood behavior while the town hall over she batch the eggs and also protecting lock from any viable predators. Parental care is exhibited only till around 2 – 3 work after the egg hatch, after i beg your pardon the new hatchlings or juveniles are cost-free to forage for food on their own. The juveniles reach sex-related maturity within two years after their birth, and start procreating and producing offspring. The median lifespan of these lizards is around 6 – 7 years.

Tip 1: during the adjustment season, the blue-tailed skinks can obtain aggressive and also may bite girlfriend upon handling. In together a case, wash your hands instantly to protect against an infection.

Tip 2: administer an atmosphere where lock would be able to create nests and lay your eggs.

Tip 3: You could let nature take its course through regard come the hatching of eggs, or you might intervene and also transfer the eggs gently into an egg incubator because that them to hatch.

Tip 4: carry out not be alarmed to check out them eat their own eggs. It is regular for them to devour rotten and also unhatched eggs.

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Blue-tailed skinks are basic to treatment for and also do no require lot maintenance. Hence, they do very an excellent pets. However, in part states, the is illegal to take it wild skinks there is no a allow or hunting license. So, make certain you check up ~ above the rules and regulations of her state before bringing residence one the these distinctive creatures.