FROM her complete confidence in the Grinch's quality to her adorable pining after ~ the festive season, there's no denying tiny Cindy Lou that was the real hero of the 2000 cult crimbo movie.

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But while we all remember her together the cute seven-year-old who sang Where space You Christmas?, actress Taylor Momsen who played Cindy, has actually now revolutionized herself together a PUNK rocker.


American-actress-turned-musician Taylor was simply seven once she played Cindy Lou who in the 2000 struggle movie, The Grinch that Stole Christmas.

Following the success of the film, Taylor walk on to star in Spy children 2: The Island Of shed Dreams and earning the title role in 2002 Hansel and also Gretel.

Fans will additionally recognise the actress indigenous her role as Jenny "Little J" Humphrey in teenager drama Gossip Girl.

However, Taylor left the fight television collection after five years in 2011 to focus on her growing music career through punk band The quite Reckless.


Taylor played good-girl-turned-bad Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl for five years indigenous 2007-2011Credit: TG4

Taylor Momsen has been the lead singer the punk back The nice Reckless because that over 10 yearsCredit: Michael Schofield - The sunlight Glasgow

And let's simply say, you'd never ever guess this renowned punk star when played sweet and innocent Cindy Lou Who.

With the band's most famed songs including You do Me Wanna Die and also Going to Hell, Taylor has actually swapped she adorable braided execute for peroxide blonde tresses and a trademark explain smokey eye.

A much cry from her days as a son actor, Taylor said Interview newspaper in 2010 that coming to be a rock star to be "always the plan" and also she created her "first track at age 5".

Since they very first formed in 2009, Taylor's tape The pretty Reckless has released three albums and also had four number one access time on the united state rock charts.

But if girlfriend ask us, there really is no topping the musical masterpiece that is Taylor's rendition that Where space You Christmas?

*Plays again on repeat*



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