One of the most exciting days of institution was the last day, no just because it was finally summer, but because everyone received their yearbook because that each other to sign. The pages were filled with usual quotes, within jokes, and also acronyms. It’s fun to look ago at her high school yearbook and reminisce, but you might not remember what specific acronyms meant. The below list can serve as a reminder, and it likewise mentions other well-known phrases and how to interpret them. Room there various other ones you would include?

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LYLAS: Love you favor a sisters (This one was greatly for women, as males didn’t frequently say “love you choose a brother.”)

KIT: keep in touch (They really execute want to understand what you’re up to this summer.)

HAGS: have actually a good summer (They probably won’t be hanging out v you, and also don’t know what else to write.)

2+2=4: (2 cute 2 B 4 gotten) (A subliminal article inside a mathematics equation. It was funny and also could be composed in anyone’s book, even if they no in your clique.)

Good luck with the boys/girls! (An encouraging remark.

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Lock sincerely hope you have actually “fun” this summer.)

Stay cool! (Pretty directly forward. They prefer you and also think she cool)

TTFN: Ta ta for currently (A fun acronym, but a small unclear if you’ll watch them this summer.)

HAKAS: have actually a kick-ass summer (Similar to HAGS however with a swear indigenous thrown in, which provides it funnier.)

(Phone number) call me! (They desire you to call them, otherwise they wouldn’t have given you your number.)

ASS: always stay sweet (They think she a pretty person, and also it’s a funny acronym since it spells the end a oath word.)

RHTS: advanced Hell this Summer (Another encouraging remark, but they most likely won’t see you, so they’re wishing friend well.)

See you next year! (They i will not ~ be see you this summer and will probably only check out you in class in the fall.)

Let’s hang the end this summer! (They legitimately want to watch you.)

Wish we could have gotten to recognize each other better! (They no in her inner circle but you to be friendly through each other.)

Don’t ever before change! (They preferred you, even if lock didn’t have much in common with you.)

I’ll miss out on you! (Probably created by or for a Senior, because they won’t view you in the fall.)

Had fun with you in ____ class! (They only hung out through you in the class you had together, but they had actually a lot of inside jokes through you.)

The very first to sign your crack! (They thought it was funny to compose on the spine between the yearbook pages.)

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