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Comparison subtraction is yes, really tricky because that kids. Part of that is a absence of exposure. We frequently teach subtraction together take away, and also that is certainly one the the subtraction structures. But we should move past that and help students understand that comparing likewise involves subtraction.

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A common way to phrase comparison subtraction difficulties is how many more? over there are many variations on the phrase: just how much taller, just how much more, exactly how much faster, how plenty of fewer, etc. Let’s look at a problem:

Marla has actually 5 piece of candy. Carlos has 3 pieces of candy. Exactly how many much more pieces of liquid does Marla have actually than Carlos?

A an extremely common error is come say 5. In various other words, they simply say the number that is bigger. Ns read, i think in Kathy Richardson’s How kids Learn Number Concepts, that kids hear exactly how much is the number the is more? instead that how many more? I assumed that was really interesting.

Another method comparison subtraction can be worded is what is the difference? for this reason the concern in ours candy difficulty would sound prefer What is the distinction in the piece of candy Marla has and the pieces of candy Carlos has?

So exactly how do we assist children know comparison subtraction? the course, it needs to be concrete learning–counters, linking cubes, etc. I indicate a direct comparison, as presented in the picture. Develop each number, lining them up one on top of the other. Aid students to check out that approximately a details point, they had actually the very same number (3), yet Martha has 2 more. Think about using a two-part question: Who has actually more? How many more?


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Graphing presents another great opportunity to to mark comparison subtraction. If you’re doing a day-to-day graphing activity, like the one displayed below, the number are already lined up because that you! Click here to read more about everyday graphing.