Idk is one of those indigenous that world who space not also Internet-savvy might need some help to decipher.

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Idk is one abbreviation that the phrase I don’t know.Idk is most generally used in informal communication, together as text messaging.There space no officially rules about the capitalization that words favor idk.

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The an interpretation of Idk

Idk is an abbreviation that the expression I don’t know.

Idk is part of the newly occurred dialect referred to as text speak or SMS language. This language is greatly used in not blocked communication, and also especially when communicating via text messages or immediate messages. The expression idk has actually been component of text speak because at the very least 2002.


How to usage Idk

You can use idk the same way you use the expression I don’t know.

In not blocked writing, and especially in text messages, the rules of capitalization room lax at best, so friend can select how you want to law idk. The one preeminence that has actually come about in text speak is that creating a word in every caps way you’re one of two people shouting the or space otherwise trying come emphasize that or amplify the effect. If you’re utilizing idk in a much more formal context, friend should constantly make certain you capitalize it—or not—consistently.


Idk when I’ll arrive.
I should obtain milk, but idk if the save is open up now.
Idk what you mean.


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