Do you act on your feelings when you dream about your crush or do you imagine that it would be unrequited anyway and just prefer to bottle it up instead? If you are continuously dreaming about your crush, we suggest you let them know about your feelings IF they are single. And, just in case they are already committed, it may be time to let go. You don’t want to meddle in someone else’s relationship, do you?

Dreams about your crush can be interpreted in multiple ways. It could either be that you are craving love and affection or you are somewhere in your life where having that support and love from them could push you towards happiness and fulfillment. For other interpretations, check out the list below.

Interpreting Dreams About Your Crush

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‘Holy shit! I’m talking to my crush in my dream. Does this mean I miss him?’ – if you have ever woken up asking yourself this question, then join the club. To dream about your crush is a normal thing, especially if they are an ex. Sometimes we are so pained by separation that we may keep dreaming of them for a long time. In fact, they could make appearances in our dreams years after the relationship is over. Despite you doing a great job of moving on, they may still show up in your slumber and make you question everything all over again.

If you dream about your crush kissing you, you feel loved and appreciated by them

9. Dreaming About Your Crush Staring At You

If you have a dream about your crush where they are staring at you, it could probably be stemming from a fear inside you. Sounds odd, yes, but hear us out. If it is a passionate and kind stare, it might mean that you are just smitten and are romanticizing a version of them that loves you.

But if the stare is more intense and purposeful, your dream is actually telling you something different. It could mean that you have a fear of being seen or known by people. It may almost feel like an invasion, which is irksome, but you are unable to do anything about it. Maybe there is a part of you that you want to keep hidden or locked away but you are worried it might be revealing itself. This could stem from trust issues or a host of other things.

Multiple scenarios and multiple reasons, we have laid it all out for you. If you do dream about your crush, your reason has to be one of the above. So, now that you know why your crush – a current or an ex – comes to your dream often, enjoy it while it lasts. A dream is sometimes more pleasant than reality.

1. What to do when your crush is not available?

If you are someone who can’t move on without closure, it’s best to confess your feelings to them even if they are not available. When you hear it from the horse’s mouth, you would be able to move on easily.

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2. When is it time to visit the therapist?

If these recurrent dreams come in the way of your daily life and you start having trouble letting go, it’s time to knock the door of a therapist. Confide in them about your unresolved feelings and you might find a way out of these dreams.

3. What if your crush returns your feelings?

You are basically living the dream then! They like you back and now all you need to do is work on the relationship and give your best to have that fairy tale ending.