I don"t understand what it way to hit a switch on her, if I gain the previous line appropriate that the beat her up when they were in a bed, it need to be linked with sex-related violence...Help me please

Upd: ns have discovered the same phrase by Rihanna

Hit a switch on a fake nigga


The lyrics aren"t really grammatical, yet basically that means:

My mrs claiming that i switched top top her

"Switch" in this sense means that she thinks he has actually suddenly readjusted the means he is dealing with her.

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Only since I struggle a move on her

"Hit a switch" is hip-hop slang for having actually a lot of crazy sex.


In mine interpretation

"switch on somebody" way to cheat (although Ringo"s answer is brand-new to me and I cannot disregard that)

"hit a switch" can mean

to cause someone, trip someone up - to cause someone to end up being suspicious, agitated, come drive someone madto push someone"s buttons, to push someone - to play tricks on someone, make them perform something castle didn"t want to doto push someone"s buttons, to make somebody click - to job-related someone to great effect

Again, Ringo"s idea is considerable. I haven"t heard this term prior to either. Ns doubt it"s "hip hop" lingo though. If anything, to push someone"s neuralgic points. The doesn"t median crazy sex per-se.

The truth is, rhymes may be do up and also forced and also do not constantly have to be completely meaningful, though, ambiguity deserve to be intended or at least acceptable, e.g. To with a broader group of listeners.

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"Hit a switch" ultimately comes from a lowrider/low low/scraper through hydraulics installed. Girlfriend hit the switch and also it it s okay poppin. It s okay bouncing. Struggle a move on who is to get poppin ~ above them. Often sexually. 6lack says she"s claiming that he switched ~ above her because it"s pretty usual for your companion to think you"re having actually sex someone else if every one of a sudden you"re having actually sex like a pornstar or bust a new move. Thus him speak she couldn"t keep up.

Obviously that knows ideal but the made perfect sense to me. He"s indigenous ATL though and I"m in Cali.

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