Acronyms are all the rage. Since practically everyone this days prefers come text rather of talking to someone they know, abbreviation have become a go-to relocate for countless who desire their conversations to:

1) circulation smoothly and quickly and

2) making use of words the accurately explain their unseen reaction come the person they are matching with.

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One of the newest acronyms that have actually stuck in the whole global urban thesaurus is LBVS. In this short article, we will shot and enlighten you with every little thing related to this acronym, that meaning, origin, what similar acronyms space out there, just how to use it, and also give friend a few examples so that you can understand the use and also attraction that the claimed acronym.

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LBVS Meaning

LBVS Meaning

What walk LBVS Mean?

In short, the acronym LBVS stands for Laughing, But really Serious. At the very least that is the most popular definition of the claimed acronym that can be uncovered online. Also, the go-to location to discover the an interpretation of these brand-new phrases or acronyms, the city Dictionary likewise states the the most common meaning of the said acronym is in reality Laughing But very Serious.

Origin that LBVS

As with various other acronyms that this kind, that is very complicated to decide a straight time and place once it first appears. However we have the right to be sure that it to be a part of the internet/texting society ever due to the fact that it began adopting acronyms as a method of communication.

Other similar Acronyms

The most typically used acronyms space LOL, which method Laugh out Loud, and LMAO, which way Laughing mine Ass Out.

There is likewise the much shorter version that LBVS, LBS, which method Laughing however Serious. Over there is likewise another sport of the LBVS, i beg your pardon is HHOS. The acronym stands for Ha-Ha just Serious.

Finally, if you room feeling a bit sinister, you can always use the EL acronym, which stands for Evil Laugh.

Other Meanings

There is just one other meaning for this acronym and also it stems indigenous astrophysics. In that details science, if girlfriend by mistake text LBVS, they would certainly think that you have actually texted LBVs. In this scientific world, the acronym means Luminous Blue Variables. These room a form of blue star, the is both an extremely massive and an extremely unpredictable in your behavior.

When to usage LBVS

There are fairly a few scenarios once you have the right to use this acronym and it will fit perfectly. There are situations where friend shouldn’t laugh, yet you just have actually to. Because that example, someone speak you a joke at a funeral. Or, once you are being an extremely ironic. Finally, you have the right to use it as soon as something bad, but also very funny wake up to someone you know, prefer if a “specific” part of your body gained stuck within a vacuum.

Examples that LBVS

Here is a standard example of how you can use LBVS in a text exchange.

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Jennifer: Remember Old Mr. Jefferson, from across the street. The one with the mustache, that would constantly accuse united state of stealing plums and also cherries native his orchard?Rebecca: Yeah? i do. Why? walk he die or something?Jennifer: LBVS. No, but he did fall down his cherry tree trying to chase a cat away.

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