“S-signatures” have actually been welcomed by the USPTO for numerous years now. One S-signature is an digital signature betwen front slashes and also includes any kind of signature make by non-handwritten method (i.e. Electronic or mechanical). Check out MPEP 502.02 and 37 CFR 1.4(d)(2). This type of signature was component of the alters made in the USPTO to assistance the implementation of its 21st Century strategy Plan and also makes making use of the USPTO’s EFS-Web far an ext efficient and also secure.

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There is nobody acceptable form of an S-signature. Rather, so long as the needs for S-signatures are satisfied, virtually any S-signature will certainly be accepted by the USPTO.

The Rules

37 CFR 1.4(d)(2) sets forth the following four needs for a precious S-signature:

It should consist of only letters and/or Arabic numbers, together with appropriate spaces, commas, periods, apostrophes, or hyphens because that punctuation; It should be placed in between forward slashes; The human signing should insert his or her very own signature; and The surname of the human signing have to be printed or typed immediately adjacent to the S-signature, and also be reasonably specific, therefore the identity of the signer have the right to be conveniently recognized. In addition, the S-signature that a registered patent practitioner should be add by a it is registered number.

This ascendancy places limitations on the type of the S-signature. The does not restrict content, however. Consequently, a wide range of s-signature formats are acceptable. In fact, the USPTO instructs employees who testimonial S-signatures no to refuse or refuse correspondence based upon the contents of the S-signature so long as it adheres to the vast criteria set forth above.


Example 1 – an S-signature because that a pro se applicant

Respectfully submitted,

/John Smith/John Smith

Example 2 – an S-signature because that registered practitioner

Respectfully submitted,

By: /John Smith/John SmithReg. No. 01234

Example 3 – an S-signature for registered practitioner

Respectfully submitted,

By: /John Smith, #01234/John Smith

Other instances of acceptable (and unacceptable) S-signatures deserve to be discovered here.

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Mike BrownMarch 31, 2010 at 3:25 pm

There’s a significant problem v the example sheet you attach to, and, actually, with the instances you give, too. All of the “proper” signatures top top the sheet room a complete name (First I. Last), which has actually led part examiners and clerks in ~ the PTO come decide the the rule somehow require a full name to be a proper signature.

That’s simply not true – as lengthy as you follow the rule you posted – the characters noted in section 1 between slashes as in section 2 – ANYTHING have the right to be one s-signature. In fact, it makes sense not to usage your full name, since anyone can enter that, however an arbitrary personality string is identifiably yours.